Geotechnica returns for 2021

Equipe Group – the organisers of Geotechnica, the UK’s largest geotechnical conference and exhibition, have confirmed plans for the event to return as scheduled in 2021.
Geotechnica returns for 2021 Geotechnica returns for 2021 Geotechnica returns for 2021 Geotechnica returns for 2021 Geotechnica returns for 2021

Geotechnica will take place in 2021 on July 7 and 8 in Warwickshire

Duncan Moore


Duncan Moore

As in previous years, the event, which was launched in 2009 to bring together all areas of the geotechnical industry, from suppliers and manufacturers through contractors to clients, will take place at the Warwickshire Event Centre across two days - July 7 and 8.

Unlike many industry events which have had to reschedule to take place in 2021 due to the impact on COVID-19 in 2020, Geotechnica's organisers made the decision in 2019 to change from an annual format to bi-annual and as such 2021 will be the first year for the new arrangement.

Commenting on the change after the 2019 event Equipe Group's Calum Spires explained that "we base our event scheduling decisions solely on feedback from our sponsors, exhibitors and visitors. This year's feedback indicated that the majority would be in favour of switching to a biennial model. However, if the demand returned for a yearly event, we would, of course, explore that avenue.

"While both the yearly and biennial models have their individual advantages, we feel that spacing Geotechnica events out slightly further gives the industry invaluable time to develop, grow and innovate. This means that when Geotechnica comes back around, the event is even better; bigger and bolder, with even more enriching content for visitors and exhibitors able to display and demonstrate their most eye-catching innovations and service offerings."

Geotechnica 2021 is planned to feature a full product and service exhibition, with the UK's leading geotechnical suppliers, contractors, laboratories and associated services all being represented.

Registration for Geotechnica 2021 has now opened for both exhibitors and attendees.