A preview of Geofluid 2021

After being postponed in 2019 due to the effects of COVID-19, Geofluid 2021, one of the key international trade shows for the drilling and foundation sectors, will take place at the Piacenza Expo exhibition centre in Piacenza, Italy, September 15-18.

 After being postponed in 2020, Geofluid is taking place September 15-18, 2021

After being postponed in 2020, Geofluid is taking place September 15-18, 2021

GDI has compiled a list of drilling equipment exhibitors present at the show, as well as their key product offerings.


Main business sector: Innovative sensors for geotechnical, structural and environmental monitoring. Management and representation of monitoring data.

At Geofluid we will be: Exhibiting our established products for the market, such as the Vertical Array and Cir Array, which are innovative systems for monitoring slopes and underground excavations. We will also present Geo-Atlas, the dynamic data representation platform, able to manage any sensor, in addition to the brand new D-Fence product, a sensor for monitoring operations in the event of an impact of rockfall barriers.

Visit us at stand number: 163




Main business sector: Geotechnical engineering equipment

At Geofluid we will be: Introducing a new machine as part of the Casagrande Classic ‘C' Series.

The Casagrande C20 is a compact, hydraulic control (no PLC interface), multifunctional, 28t machine offered in both large pile diameter, 1,200mm diameter @ 37m depth and CFA mode 800mm diameter @ 16.6m depth.


As part of its Classic ‘C' Series, Casagrande will be introducing the C20 - a compact rig for both large diameter and CFA pile drilling


The Classic series of piling rigs offered by Casagrande are based on proven mechanical designs with basic hydraulic yet robust control systems and modern engines conforming to the current Stage V emissions standards.

Casagrande has developed the range to offer piling and drilling machines to customers that do not need the often complex PLC controlled units.

Visit us at stand number: Outside area - P1



Chang Shin International Co., Ltd

Main business sector: Water well, mining, civil engineering and construction

At Geofluid we will be: Displaying our range of DTH hammers, button bits, drilling rigs and water hammers.

Visit us at stand number: 7T



ChemGrout, Inc.

Main business sector: Grouting equipment


ChemGrout will have its CG550/031 Geotech Series on show at Geofluid


At Geofluid we will be: Showing our model CG550/031 Geotech Series.

Visit us at stand number: 28




Main business sector: Manufacturing drill rigs for the geotechnical and deep foundation sectors.

At Geofluid we will be: Showcasing several new models that were introduced into the global market since the beginning of the pandemic.

The CH 320 marks a further expansion of the CH range of piling rigs and is a completely self-erecting machine with a transport weight of less than 31t with rotary and Kelly bar installed. It can be easily converted to CFA configuration and can also be used to perform displacement piles and soil mixing, as well as micropile installation.


The latest addition to Comacchio's CH range of piling rigs is the CH 320 which will be on display during Geofluid


Geofluid 2021 will also mark the debut of the latest addition to the CH range - CH 150. Created to meet the growing demand for compact lightweight machines, it is based on an excavator base carrier (in the 8-10t weight class) and equipped with a modular drilling mast and a multipurpose rotary head. Through the use of simple conversion kits, the CH 150 can be configured for Kelly drilling as well as CFA drilling.

Among Comacchio's micropiling and anchoring rigs is the MC 14, which while one of the mainstays of the MC line, has gone through a ground-up redevelopment process based on the introduction of a new patented undercarriage that offers enhanced stability and manoeuvrability on uneven ground while keeping the rig's width to a minimum of 1,800mm. The new MC 14 will also feature a new fully articulated mast and boom design system allowing the rig to cover a wider range of working positions in extremely small spaces.

Geofluid 2021 will also see the latest developments in the Comacchio GEO line of site investigation drilling rigs. The growing interest in sonic systems has led Comacchio to introduce two models of lightweight and compact sonic drill heads that are ideally suited for shallow drilling applications up to 20-30m. The compact size allows them to be fitted on rigs as small as the GEO 305, a multipurpose geotechnical drilling rig in the 4 to 5t weight class that will be displayed in Piacenza.

Comacchio will also make use of Geofluid 2021 to hand over the geotechnical drill rig with the serial number 4,000 to Rig Services Ltd. The MC 15 will join the rental fleet of the sister company of the longstanding UK distributor for Comacchio - JKS Boyles UK Ltd. This ‘special edition' rig will be hand-painted to celebrate over 20 years of partnership between Comacchio and Rig Services/JKS Boyles UK Ltd.

Visit us at stand number: External area - 15




Main business sector: Production of mixing and injection plants.

At Geofluid we will be: Presenting our new electric injector, datalogger, and applications for shotcrete.

Visit us at stand number: 190 



DAT instruments


DAT instruments will bring its extensive range of data loggers to Geofluid


Main business sector: Data loggers for jet grouting, grouting, TAM grouting, GIN, compensation grouting, drilling, MWD, LWD, CFA, deep mixing, soil mixing, DSM, vibroflotation, sand compaction, piles, diaphragm walls, hydromills, Lugeon tests, and mineral investigation.

At Geofluid we will be: Announcing our 20 years of business celebrations and news about our products.

Visit us at stand number: 167, Pavilion 1



Drillco Europe Ltd

Main business sector: Drill and blast, energy, water well and civil engineering

Visit us at stand number: 300



Ellettari SRL

Main business sector: Drill-rigs manufacturer for water wells, mining and seismic exploration, and soil testing.

At Geofluid we will be: Exhibiting the latest version of our hydrostatic pump Delfino: lighter and smaller. Our pump weighs 70 per cent less and is 60 per cent smaller in size less than a traditional duplex pump 7x8.

Visit us at stand number: Pavilion 1, 231



Enteco SRL

Main business sector: Manufacturing of machinery for special foundations, piling, drilling and soil compaction

At Geofluid we will be: Exhibiting an E6050 LM rig, the new redesigned 2021 version, equipped with the SP (soil displacement) drilling Kit. The LM (long mast) kit is an exclusive Enteco patent consisting of two hydraulically operated back-stays that support a 6m extension and provide considerably longer strokes of the rotary head (from 15m, of the E6050 standard, to 21m). With this kit, the E6050 can drill down deeper than any other rig of the same class (maximum drilling depth in soil displacement technology: 32m). It is a high-performance kit offering the combined advantages of the back-stays and the pantograph system while guaranteeing a rig that is compact, lightweight and easy to transport (no parts have to be disassembled when transporting the rig as the struts automatically fold up).


The latest version of Enteco's E6050 is specifically designed to minimise the time gap between transport mode and working mode


The picture shows one of the best points of strength of the LM Kit patent: the E6050 is specifically designed to minimise the time gap between transport mode and working mode (and vice versa). Less downtime equals more job sites and more productivity.

But the LM kit is only the tip of the iceberg. Enteco will also be presenting at Geofluid a revolutionary patent that enables the E6050 to install up to 375kW of power (+20 per cent) while reducing at the same time total costs and fuel consumption.

A real revolution for the foundation industry and a new vision of the future. Come to visit us and discover this new vision at Geofluid, during the world premiere of the new E6050 LM.

Visit us at stand number: Outdoor area - F12



ESPI Engineering SRL

Main business sector: Crawler crane purchases and sales, rental, and parts service for Sennebogen and Italian dealer of piling/foundation equipment.

At Geofluid we will be: Displaying a crawler crane from the Sennebogen range.

Visit us at stand number: H24



Eurodrill GmbH

Main business sector: Eurodrill is a global specialist in the design and production of hydraulic drifters and rotary heads. It is a reliable partner in specialised civil engineering projects and can offer drilling systems for drill rigs and end-users.


The electrically driven RHP 10E drill head is just one of the new options Eurodrill is bringing to Geofluid this year


At Geofluid we will be: Showing the RH 4 X with high-frequency percussion unit ED 15. In addition, we will have the RH 52 X, RH 40 X, RHV 32, DHV 32, and RHP 10 E

Visit us at stand number: Pavilion 1, 316




Main business sector: Fraste designs and builds rigs under a modular system and a wide range of drilling components, accessories and equipment that is available to meet the requirements of water well, geotechnical, shallow geothermal, deep geothermal, mineral exploration, seismic, and foundation drilling.

At Geofluid we will be: Bringing different models of our series: MITO for foundations, MULTIDRILL for geotechnical drilling, some deeply specialised units for geothermal drilling and two Fraste-Eijkelkamp drilling rigs with Dou/Sonic technology - double head for any drilling purpose and water well drilling units.


Rigs from Fraste's MITO series will be among those the Italian drill rig and accessory manufacturer is bringing to Geofluid this year


Our perseverance in designing all-safe and user-friendly units has never ceased. We continue to develop many new attachments and devices to be fitted on our rigs to make smoother any drilling operation and DP/tools loading, to keep drilling crew safe and to respect the natural environment and protect it from pollution and noise, without forgetting the value of the investment of the contractor/customer.

We are sure visitors and specialists of the drilling sectors will appreciate our efforts and the results.

All the upgraded technologies have been built-in into our drilling rigs together with the most developed components and construction criteria, nothing was left behind.

Do not miss this great opportunity to realise how much we worked in recent times, all through the pandemic, to be always ready to serve the drilling industry with the best quality.

Visit us at stand number: Pavilion 1, 184




Main business sector: Foundation equipment

At Geofluid we will be: Presenting the Geax EK90, Geax EK40, Geax XD6 and a completely new compact machine that will be unveiled at the show.

Visit us at stand number: External area, H 38



Geotec Bohrtechnik GmbH

Main business sector: German manufacturer of drilling rigs

At Geofluid we will be: Presenting one of our drilling rigs of the XL series. The ROTOMAX XL-GTCi is a drilling rig for geothermal boreholes with surprisingly compact dimensions, extremely flexible when things get tight and incredibly easy to operate.

The Perkins, six-cylinder, Tier 5 emissions engine has a power output of 205kW. A side-mounted rack with casings and rods utilising the easy lift mast extension and the rod handler makes the tripping in and out of the hole safe, fast and efficient. The pullback force of up to 18.5t and the casing rotary head with 36,000Nm of torque ensure a safe and efficient drilling operation. The rig is equipped with two centrifugal pumps with a flow rate of 3,600l/min and mud pressure up to 24 bar, cleaner kit, 6kvA generator, guzzler pump, automatic lubrication system and all necessary equipment to drill with the DTHH. All of which can be customised at the time of ordering.

Visit us at stand number: R11




Main business sector: Drilling machines for large diameter foundations.


The HPM200 meets the needs of large construction projects and work done within confined spaces and can be easily converted from standard to short-mast version and vice versa in a very short time for a truly multipurpose rig


At Geofluid we will be: Showing the new HPM (Hydraulic Performance Machine) range of drill rigs.

Visit us at stand number: P19 - Outdoor area



Innoval SRL

Main business sector: Innoval boasts 30 years of experience in hardware design and software application of electronic systems for the global control and remote monitoring of industrial mobile vehicles in general.

Remote control consists of a completely active and passive management of the most varied types and brands of mobile vehicles operating in port terminals, logistic parks, steel mills, quarries, major construction sites, etc.

Standard functions include all data on the CanBus, operator login, checklist, collisions on the three axes, image recording, geo referential position, alarms and events black box, start and stop, speed reduction, driving quality evaluation, tyre pressure, scheduled maintenance, etc. The customer can integrate custom functions, too.

Visit us at stand number: Pavilion 1, 315  



Italswiss Engineering SRL

Main business sector: Machines and plant for special foundations and consolidations, tunnels, geotechnical works.

At Geofluid we will be: Showing our plant for the injection and mixing of cement mixtures: Minigrout I, Air grout, Ferretto, Drago, Varano. Our Marmotta mixing pumps. The pump for polyurethane resins GX 45 PU N. IS hydraulic packers and Geopack inflatable packers. Centres, pvc pipes, and data loggers.

Visit us at stand number: Pavilion 1, 146



Jean Lutz S.A.

Main business sector: Control instrumentation for special foundations.


The ADN from Jean Lutz is a fully mobile and wireless touchpad dedicated to recording drilling parameters and pressuremeter tests


At Geofluid we will be: We will exhibit the ADN tablet and our industry 4.0 systems.

Visit us at stand number: B105



Marchi Giorgio SRL

Main business sector: Drilling, construction and water well.

At Geofluid we will be: Showing the new VBM & Cenerg rock bits and new duplex mud pumps.

Visit us at stand number: Pavilion 1, 58-59



Marini Quarries Group SRL

Main business sector: Design and construction of machines and accessories for ornamental stone quarries and civil engineering.


Marini Quarries Group is taking its complete product line to Geofluid 2021


At Geofluid we will be: Exhibiting our complete product line for civil engineering from the lightest equipment (MR-S Line - MR-Line), to excavator masts (MR-A Line) and tracked units (MR-C Line).

Visit us at stand number: External area - Q1



Massenza Drilling Rigs

Main business sector: Manufacturing of hydraulic top drive rotary drilling rigs for water and geothermal wells, geotechnical applications, mineral research, seismic, micro-piles and anchors.

At Geofluid we will be: Celebrating our 100th anniversary and this year at Geofluid we will exhibit some of our most popular drilling rigs: the lightweight MI2, unrivalled in combining power and ultra-compact dimensions; the versatile MI3, class leader rig for geotechnical applications; the compact and sturdy middle size models MI5 and MI8, two highly customisable and performative tracks mounted rig.


As part of its 100th-anniversary celebrations, Massenza will be bringing its versatile MI3 geotechnical drilling rig to Geofluid


This particular MI5, specially designed for water wells, comes with a 134hp Stage V diesel engine, 6.5t pull-back capacity and a rotary head with high torque that reaches up to 8,000Nm, while the MI8 will show what being a real multipurpose rig means. Powered by a 154hp diesel engine, it features an impressive 12t pull-back, an eight-speed rotary head with a wide range of performances arriving up to even 14,800Nm and 716rpm, wireline and handling winch, triplex pump and 410mm passage double clamp.

From our MM series, Massenza special line with a highly articulated mast for micro-piles and anchors, we will have the great MM8 - a not to be missed new version that will definitely surprise you this year for its cutting-edge technology - and two MM3s, one with diesel engine and one coming in an electric version, for jobs inside building and galleries.

We will also launch our new line of geotechnical probing rigs, bringing the MSPT, an amazingly easy to use and to transport automatic SPT, and the compact and light MI1, which can carry out DPL, DPM, DPH and SPT test, dynamic and window sampling, coring, auger and mud drilling.

Visit us at stand number: 5F Outdoor Area




Main business sector: Geotechnical drilling systems.

At Geofluid we will be: Exhibiting products from Mincon's comprehensive range of rock-drilling solutions, including the latest-generation DTH hammers, DTH drill bits, drill pipe, and Spiral Flush geotechnical systems for piling and foundation drilling.

Visit us at stand number: Pavilion 1, 114



Nexus Diamante SRL

Main business sector: Manufacturer of drilling diamond tools.

At Geofluid we will be: Displaying a complete line of diamond tools, equipment and accessories designed for mineral exploration and geotechnical industries.

Visit us at stand number: Pavilion 1, 121




Main business sector: Mining and minerals drilling.


Robit is bringing its extensive tooling range to Geofluid in 2021


At Geofluid we will be: Showcasing the new tubeless down-the-hole hammer series, WH TL, for demanding well drilling and blast hole applications; the Robit Rbit button bit series with the fastest rate of penetration and lowest cost per metre in any of our models to date; Robit solutions for piling and underground construction.

Visit us at stand number: Pavilion 1, 126




Main business sector: Construction of spare parts for drilling machines.

At Geofluid we will be: Showcasing our spare parts for drilling machines.

Visit us at stand number: Pavilion 1, 50



Soilmec SPA

Main business sector: Soilmec was established in 1969 and today it is a worldwide leader in the field of design, production and sale/marketing of equipment and rigs for drilling and foundation works.

At Geofluid we will be: Displaying the new Soilmec SM-11, a perfect combination of performance and design.


The SM-11 is a 2021 addition to the Soilmec SM fleet of rigs for micro-pile and tieback applications


The brand-new SM-11, a medium-sized drilling rig, is a 2021 addition to the Soilmec SM fleet of rigs for micro-pile and tieback applications. It features a very high feeding force, easy to set for different working needs with a perfect combination of performance and efficiency and a compact design for limited-access job sites.

The SM-15 and the SM-15HD are the newest additions to the Soilmec SM fleet of rigs for micro-pile and tieback applications. Building on the success of the SM-401 and SM-14 models, the SM-15 provides added flexibility, ease of transport, higher performance characteristics and an improved environmental impact as part of restyling of the most versatile and reliable rig for micro/mini drilling.

Soilmec rigs made history in the world of small-sized drilling rigs, by inaugurating a new era with the R-312 back in 1995 when it made its debut with a winning formula that offered a generous diesel engine combined with a powerful rotary head. The rotary featured a fast spin-off speed and an immediately recognisable design, both compact and agile, making the rig suitable for use in a wide range of small applications. After the first performance on site of the SR-35 EVO last year, the Soilmec offer of hydraulic drilling rigs has grown with the launch of the new ‘entry-level' model: the SR-30 Eagle.

Visit us at stand number: External area 10



Studio Prof. Marchetti SRL

Main business sector: Manufacturer of geotechnical site investigation equipment.


Studio Prof. Marchetti SRL will bring its full range of Marchetti Dilatometer equipment to Geofluid


At Geofluid we will be: Exhibiting the full range of Marchetti Dilatometer equipment, including Flat Dilatometer Marchetti (DMT), Seismic Dilatometer Marchetti (SDMT) and further developments. Studio Prof. Marchetti will also be launching the new software SDMT Pro, the evolution of the SDMT Elab software, with new features and important plus for the user.

Do not miss a visit to our stand and simulate the DMT and Vs measurements.

Visit us at stand number: 172



Tecnopenta SRL

Main business sector: Geotechnical in situ tests - Environmental monitoring - Hydrogeology - Meteo sensor 

At Geofluid we will be: Displaying a range of piezocones, inclinometer probe, meteo sensor, DAC system, structural health monitoring sensor, water level meters, data loggers.

Visit us at stand number: Pavilion 1, 234



Tecop SL

Main business sector: Mining, geotechnical, environmental drilling, geothermal, piles, and micropiles

At Geofluid we will be: Introducing the Prorock line of drilling material, drill pile AMK 43, drill mast TPT 17, penetrometer TEC 15, and RAM 130.

Visit us at stand number: F 15 external area




Main business sector: Construction and mining

At Geofluid we will be: Explaining why TerraRoc is the market leader in geotechnical drilling consumables. We operate globally from Europe to South-Central-North America to Asia with three manufacturing facilities in Finland (Tampere), Scotland (Grangemouth) and the US (Roanoke, Virginia). We will be exhibiting casing advancement systems, core drilling products, down the hole equipment and customised geotechnical drilling products.

Visit us at stand number: 45-46



Verdelli International Srl

Main business sectors: Lifting, demolition, drilling.

At Geofluid we will be: Showing the Sany crane SCE600A, Sany crane SCE1000A, demolition equipment from our demolition line-up.

Visit us at stand number: H34



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