Tribe Technology completes first autonomous TTDS GC 700 RC drill rig

Tribe Tech has completed its first autonomous RC drill rig for Australian client Major Drilling

Tribe Tech has completed the build of its first TTDS GC 700 autonomous RC drill rig Credit: Tribe Technology

Tribe Tech has completed the build of its first TTDS GC 700 autonomous RC drill rig Credit: Tribe Technology

Tribe Technology, a self-described disruptive developer and manufacturer of autonomous equipment for the mining industry, has announced the completion of its first TTDS GC 700 autonomous drill rig.

This major milestone is a result of over 150,000 development hours. This initial machine has been manufactured for and sold to drilling contractor Major Drilling Group International for use at a tier 1 iron ore mining asset in Australia.

Tribe Technology's reverse circulation drill rigs are designed to remove operators from the dangers involved in traditional manually operated RC drill rigs while significantly improving productivity.

Tribe Tech has issued a staged payment invoice for the completion of manufacturing to the client, with revenue to be recognised on the drill rig's arrival in Australia. It will now continue to commission and test the completed rig before shipping to Australia from Northern Ireland, which is expected to take place early next quarter.

The field trial of the sample potting and handling system has commenced at the recently established Australian Automation & Robotics Precinct (AARP) in Perth, Western Australia, with encouraging results. The Group will continue to refine the product based on its field trial results and work continues on the second drill rig which is being manufactured for Anglo American.

We are working towards changing the future of mining

Charlie King, CEO at Tribe Tech, said: "We believe this marks what is the most significant development in the RC drilling industry in 30 years and is a world first.

"By creating a safer, more efficient mining industry with our breakthrough technology, we are working towards changing the future of mining, helping unlock more critical mineral deposits faster to advance the world's ‘green transition'.

"What we have done in the five years since incorporation is an amazing achievement. We couldn't have reached this point without the hard work and dedication of our world-class team and board. We would also like to thank our shareholders, whose support over the years and post-IPO and belief in our product have enabled the company to achieve this milestone.

"I want to thank them all for their ongoing efforts to change our industry for the better as we continue to automate the toughest tasks."