New options on KR 805-3G from KLEMM

The latest version of KLEMM Bohrtechnik’s KR 805-3G universal drill rig will be shown at Bauma. This latest addition to the range is available with an extra-long drill mast. It has been specially developed for drilling applications such as soil nails, augers or casings for drill depths of up to 6m using the single-pass method.
New options on KR 805-3G from KLEMM New options on KR 805-3G from KLEMM New options on KR 805-3G from KLEMM New options on KR 805-3G from KLEMM New options on KR 805-3G from KLEMM

KLEMM Bohrtechnik’s KR 805-3G with long drilling mast and drill string magazine

Duncan Moore


Duncan Moore

With the optional swivel magazine type MAG 1.3, the drill depth can even be extended by a further 6m without the need for manual reloading. The drill string magazine can also be adjusted to drill tools with a usable length of 3m by means of flexible positioning of the upper grab system. The magazine can thus hold drill tools up to a diameter of 152mm and 6m or 3m in length.

The rotary drives and hydraulic hammers are exactly matched to the drill rig. A KH 25 rotary drive with benchmark data of 25kNm torque and 103rpm or a KD 1011 hammer drill with 11kNm torque and 180rpm benchmark data can be installed. The drives are operated with a system pressure of 310-bar.

The kinematics enable the mast to reach drill points perpendicular to the crawlers at angles between 0 and 90 degrees. The mast can also be positioned to drill vertically beside the tracks.

With the drill mast, it is possible to reach drill points up to a height of approx. 4,500mm - which is a great advantage when it comes to slope stabilisation work.

The 129kW Volvo Penta diesel engine complies with the latest emission regulations in Europe, the EEC 97/68 EC Stage 4, and in the USA, the EPA/CARB Tier 4 final.

The hydraulic system works with two load-sensing main pumps, each with a displacement of 190L/min and a pressure level of 350-bar. In doing so, the optimum power level is automatically adjusted by the Energy Efficient Power system (EEP). Fuel consumption is reduced by up to 25 per cent compared to machines of the same power class without EEP system.

Numerous machine parameters can be set using the 5.7in touchscreen without the need for tools or the removal of hoods. In the event of an error, a detailed diagnosis can be carried out via the display.

The control system works with mobile control blocks with integrated CAN bus technology. The very direct communication with the control block allows significantly reduced reaction times for the valves and thus allows the user to operate the machine with extreme sensitivity and precision.

The standard way to operate the KLEMM KR 805-3G is by using a portable wireless remote control. Optionally, a fixed control arm is also available.

The latest European standard EN16228 was taken into account in the development of the rig. That means that for work without a separating guard under special conditions a special protective mode is available and a restricted operation mode is available for manual drill string changes.