Casagrande's KHD System - Diaphragm wall equipment

For the development of its latest diaphragm wall construction package – the KHD System – Casagrande called upon its half century of experience in specialist foundation construction building.
Casagrande's KHD System -  Diaphragm wall equipment Casagrande's KHD System -  Diaphragm wall equipment Casagrande's KHD System -  Diaphragm wall equipment Casagrande's KHD System -  Diaphragm wall equipment Casagrande's KHD System -  Diaphragm wall equipment

Casagrande’s KHD System in operation fitted to one of the companies B300XP-2 carriers

Duncan Moore


Duncan Moore

The new Casagrande KHD System is the result of research and innovation based on over 50 years of experience and success of the company in the field of foundations and geotechnical engineering.

Casagrande's new KHD System is a piece of equipment dedicated to the construction of diaphragm walls. Thanks to the compact design and the rotation system, the KHD System is ideal for use in narrow spaces and for producing diaphragm walls with different alignments.

Furthermore, the modularity of the boom makes it possible to pass and build diaphragm walls even below existing structures engineering.

The heavy weight and the clamping force of the hydraulic bucket, the use of a quick free fall winch and the considerable power supplied by the diesel engine of the equipment allow users to successfully build the diaphragm walls even on difficult ground.

The design of KHD System makes it easy to use and comfortable for the operator. The XP series control systems and the precise instruments efficiently govern all machine functions and excavation operations.

Performance & productivity

The Smart Power Management (SPM) is an intelligent engine power management system that improves performances and productivity of the machinery. The SPM system monitors the momentary power flows and immediately allocates the available power to the different jobs, so the operational function always has the maximum power available.

Full Load Sensing

The XP hydraulic power system uses Full Load Sensing (FLS) technology. Unlike the commonly used hydraulic managing systems, the FLS pressurizes only the required amount of oil requested by users thanks to the back-action between pumps and distributors. It allows the operator to manage the power demands and reduces dissipations, achieving up to 25 per cent fuel saving (calculated on the basis of a theoretical working cycle).

Safety & technology

The equipment used in the KHD System has a very low sound emission level as a result of the of sound-absorbing materials and oil heat exchangers, designed to reduce the overall noise level.

The layout of the machine and the wide openings of the canopy offer comfortable and easy access for inspection and maintenance. The machine conforms to the last international standards to guarantee the maximum safety of the operations.


Among the advantages on offer with the XP control system for the operator and the wider supervision of the work is the ability to monitor of all working function, diagnostics of the working systems to ensure the constant monitoring of the status of sensors and components, easy conversion in any drilling arrangement, and the friendly customisation of working functions (e.g. remote rigs assistance, diagnostic, monitoring of working parameters).

Verticality monitoring

The instrumentation on-board the KHD System records verticality deviations to an accuracy of less than 0.1 per cent. The DIALOG monitoring system includes a depth sensor on the winch and a NEMO sensor fitted on the grab. The NEMO measures verticality along the X- and Y-axis (via two inclinometers) and rotation along the Z-axis (via gyroscope). The sensors transmit their measurements to the DIALOG which displays the trajectory followed by the grab in all three axes. The data is stored for downloading and post-processing.

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