European Geophysical Services was established in 1994 and is a leading borehole geophysical logging and video surveying company providing a large range of measurements and services to the water, environmental, mining and geotechnical industries.

Clients include many drilling and exploration companies, most of the water utility companies, major engineering and site investigations companies.

This position is based on an excellent and reliable field service coupled with many years of geophysical interpretation experience, efficient data processing and high quality reporting.

European Geophysical Services data presentation format has become an accepted standard with many exploration, geotechnical, water and environmental clients.

European Geophysical Services employs geophysicists, geologists, and instrumentation engineers, thus providing a multi-disciplinary team to provide service customised to the clients requirements.

All our field operators are graduate geologists or geophysicists with data acquisition and interpretational experience over several years.

We currently operate a fleet of vehicles and containerised units, including 4X4 Sprinter Vans, 4X4 Transporter Vans and Land Rover Defenders fitted with a range of logging winches with capabilities up to 2000m.

We also have Remote Operated Vehicles with cameras for adit and submerged tunnel surveys


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Determining formation porosity permeability using borehole magnetic resonance

Determining formation porosity permeability using borehole magnetic resonance

Measuring formation porosity & permeability in boreholes without using a neutron porosity tool