Purchasing/Renewing GeoDrilling International

Q: I would like to subscribe or renew my subscription to GeoDrilling International

A: To subscribe to GeoDrilling International, click here. To renew, please contact our subscriptions team.

Q: I would like to purchase single/back issues of GeoDrilling International

A: Single/back issues are available to purchase in bulk, please contact our subscriptions team for more information.

Change account information

Q: I would like to change my billing or delivery address

A: To change your delivery address please email subscriptions@aspermontmedia.com quoting your subscription reference number with the details that need to be updated.

Delivery issues

Q: I am not receiving my monthly copies of GeoDrilling International or have missed an issue

A: Please email subscriptions@aspermontmedia.com with details of the issue(s) missed quoting your subscription reference number with your complete delivery address.

*Please note that claims for missing issues must be made within 3 months of the issue being published.

Missing issues claimed more than three months after publication must be paid for. The price for single copies (inclusive of delivery) for GeoDrilling International are:

  • UK and non-eurozone Europe: £30.00
  • Eurozone: €35.00
  • Rest of World: US$45.00

Email Whitelisting Instructions for GeoDrilling International Newsletter Subscribers

GeoDrilling International email newsletters are managed and delivered by a supplier called Spotler.

To ensure uninterrupted delivery of our newsletters, please ask your IT department, email service provider or message filtering service to ‘whitelist' the servers used to send our newsletters.

Add us to your Contacts list

Use your email client's Sender, Contacts or Address Book menu options to add us to your contact list.

In Microsoft Outlook, this option can be found under the Message menu at: Message >> Sender >> Add to Contacts. This may be titled differently dependent on your version of Microsoft Outlook. The option may be found elsewhere in other email clients.

Add us to your Safe Senders list

Use your email client's Junk Email options to ensure our emails are never marked as spam. In Microsoft Outlook, do this by right-clicking one of our emails in your message list, then visiting the Junk menu and choosing the Junk >> Never Block Sender option. This may be titled differently dependent on your version of Microsoft Outlook. The option may be found elsewhere in other email clients.

Aspermont IP Address

The best way to do this is an IP address whitelist, this will ensure you get our newsletters without receiving other mail outs from other Spotler customers.

The dedicated IP address all for all Aspermont electronic mail is

Aspermont Sending Domains

If your spam solution is unable to whitelist mail server's by IP address, then the next best solution is to whitelist our sending domains.

We recommend that you whitelist the following domains in conjunction with the IP address.

  • geodrillinginternational.info
  • geodrillinginternational-thirdparty.com
  • geodrillinginternational-marketing.com
  • newsletters-geodrillinginternational.com

Further Assistance

Once your IT has processed the instructions can you please contact us to confirm so we can ensure the newsletters are sent through to you.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 208 187 2299.

If our frequently asked questions above have not answered your subscription query, please contact the subscription team through our switchboard on +44 (0) 208 187 2299 or email subscriptions@aspermontmedia.com.