Marini leads the way for continued growth

Marini Quarries Group has over 40 years of experience in the production of machinery and equipment for drilling and shares valuable insights into why continued growth and a customer-focused attitude is the tone for success.
Marini leads the way for continued growth Marini leads the way for continued growth Marini leads the way for continued growth Marini leads the way for continued growth Marini leads the way for continued growth

The Marini Quarries Group range of MR-C drill rigs

With the civil engineering industry seeing a constant stream of increasing activity, the demand for adaptable, flexible and versatile equipment that can streamline processes and simplify the build programme is higher than ever. Manufacturers are finding it extremely important to invest in development, not only to stay ahead of the game but to adapt to dynamic market requirements as it moves towards more technical-led processes. Marini Quarries Group (QG) has first-hand experience in what works for the market and what does not.

Marini has a strong culture embedded into its manufacturing process which represents the company's determination to provide customers with machinery and equipment that is simple to use, easy to adapt and suitable for diverse environments.

An in-depth understanding of requirements in the field is one factor that allows Marini QG to act as an ideal construction partner, not just in Italy but anywhere in the world. With an ambition to provide civil engineering applications that are compact, versatile, ergonomic and able to adapt to the most diverse working requirements, Marini QG prides itself on being attentive to market and customer demands.

As the UK's exclusive distributor of Marini rigs for rental and purchase, ground engineering and rock drilling specialist, Skelair International enjoys a relationship with Marini based on high-quality products that suit a variety of different environments and adhere to industry regulations. As a result of experience and response to market demands, the Marini range is decisively varied.

One of the most popular fields of machines for Marini is the MR-C Line, including numerous models that are all widely customisable. The crawler drilling rigs are suitable for the most extensive operations for specialised engineering.

As an addition to Skelair's extensive range, the Marini QG's MR-50 range will be added to the rental fleet in September. Previously introduced to market in 2016, the MR-C50 is a small mobile drilling unit with an articulated mast for 3m length drill rods, optimised for civil engineering, core drilling, micro piles and consolidations and is remote control operated. With an engine of 80kW, the powerful yet compact rig does not compromise on power. Perfectly adaptable in operation of hydraulic rock drilling or down-the-hole hammer, it is can perform any drilling job.

At the UK Geotechnica event, Skelair will be showcasing the Marini MR-C20 rig. The hydraulic, radio-controlled drilling rig is specifically designed for horizontal, vertical or inclined holes. The self-propelled unit, with rubber tracks, can be equipped with rotary head or separate rotary-percussive drifter. With an engine power of 22 - 45kW, and retraction force of 2,500daN, the MR-C20 is compact yet efficient and powerful.

Marini QG additionally has pneumatic/hydraulic drilling masts as part of its extensive range of drilling equipment. The MR-A Line provides multiple hydraulic drilling units applicable to micro, mini, midi and large excavators from two to up over 30t. The line which consists of MR-A80, MR-A100, MR-A120, MR-A200, MR-A300, MR-A500, all with push/pull force from 1t to 6t, is controlled by proportional remote radio control functions, including the rotation and percussion of the head/drifter.

 he  ine provides multiple hydraulic drilling units including the 120 The MR-A line provides multiple hydraulic drilling units including the MR-A120

Following constant investment from the company in technological research joined to careful inspections and trials in the field, Marini QG has successfully developed a complete range of light drilling units and slides. The MR line has been designed specifically for acrobatic drilling works of slopes consolidation, anchors, nailing and barring and the MR-S line of light drilling slides are available for application on various structures such as scaffolding or self-moving equipment.

Marini QG has the experience on-site to develop and create machines and equipment that can help to streamline site processes and ensure the safety and wellbeing of members of the crew. With an attitude to be attentive to the needs of the customer and the requirements of the job in hand, Marini QG has a diverse range of rigs that all have some specific features in common - the ability to be agile, compact and versatile to ensure drilling needs are met even in the most dynamic of environments.