Skelair travels to US to develop TEI technical knowledge

UK-based ground engineering and rock drilling specialist, Skelair International recently attended an exclusive training event at TEI Rock Drills headquarters in Montrose, Colorado, USA, after TEI opened its doors to provide international dealers and customers with valuable insight into new products and operations.
Skelair travels to US to develop TEI technical knowledge Skelair travels to US to develop TEI technical knowledge Skelair travels to US to develop TEI technical knowledge Skelair travels to US to develop TEI technical knowledge Skelair travels to US to develop TEI technical knowledge

Skelair's sales engineer Stephen Greatbank recently attended a dealer training event in the USA at TEI Rock Drills

The event by TEI, which manufactures excavator drill attachments, rock drill components and limited access drill rigs, provide the company with an opportunity to educate the market on its new products, conduct technical training sessions and network with industry folk.  

Hosted at the beginning of October, the event consisted of a series of presentations by TEI and its various international dealers to highlight and demonstrate the use of TEI's drill equipment on job sites worldwide.

Additionally, TEI provided visitors with an opportunity to use the drilling equipment within its compound under the supervision of TEI instructors.

Commenting on his attendance at the event Stephen Greatbank, sales engineer at Skelair International, said: "The TEI HEM560 and MME mast attachments have been the most popular attachments to date in the UK, with a TEI HEM560 attachment available for hire in our fleet. As leading rock drilling specialists and distributors of the TEI range of products, it is important for us to understand first-hand how the products work and ensure we have the expertise to provide customers with any support they may require.

"The TEI event was an opportunity for us to see the new products that are coming to market while receiving essential technical training on the TEI range from the manufacturers themselves."

During the dealer event, TEI demonstrated two new products that are due to launch to market. The first of these is its tooling and casing handler - the HCC10X. It is an excavator attachment designed to meet safety guidelines regarding the handling of drill pipes and casings in field applications. It eliminates the potentially dangerous manual handling of materials on site.

Additionally, TEI showcased its latest dust suppression systems. With two variants of the product, the dust suppression systems inject water to suppress the dust at the point of drilling. This addresses the health and safety aspects around operators breathing in dust and silica.

Commenting on the event, Glenn Patterson, vice president and international sales at TEI Rock Drills, said: "It is important to host events like this for our customers and dealers to educate the market on the potential of the TEI product range and to show what is in the pipeline. We have worked closely with Skelair International over the years to provide us with valuable insight into the unique needs of the UK market. We are confident that there is great potential in the UK for our current and upcoming product range."

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