DDH1 to tackle Behemoth

Drilling operator DDH1 Drilling is to undertake the drilling at Strategic Elements’ copper-gold-rare earths Behemoth project in Western Australia’s Gibson Desert.
DDH1 to tackle Behemoth DDH1 to tackle Behemoth DDH1 to tackle Behemoth DDH1 to tackle Behemoth DDH1 to tackle Behemoth

Behemoth has been classed a high risk, high reward prospect

Specialist exploration group Omni Geox will manage the program.

Behemoth is situated in what is suspected to be a meteorite impact site.

Construction of the access tracks and drill pads will begin over the next few days.

The drill pad construction involves clearing and levelling a 25m by 20m area around the drill collar location to ensure the drill rig will be drilling safely from a flat surface.

The pads will also allow DDH1 enough space for equipment laydown and safe movement of personnel around the rig.

Strategic is awaiting final confirmation of the availability of a specialist rig most suitable for a range of conditions that potentially occur at the potential meteorite impact site.

Drilling is expected to start within the next three to four weeks.

Strategic Elements managing director Charles Murphy said the company had decided to wait for a particular type of rig that would be best suited to handling the conditions of the known terrain and anything a potential meteorite impact site could create at Behemoth.

"Behemoth is a high risk, high reward project situated in an area that has almost no drilling or known sub-surface geology," he said.

"It is an unusual project, however, the feedback from a range of experts and the very large-scale anomalies generated from the recent induced polarisation geophysical surveys has provided the momentum to move forward with drilling."