Komatsu integrated solution for quarry operations

Komatsu made use of the 2020 CONEXPO-CON/AGG event to debut its new ZT44 track drill one of the company’s options designed to enhance quarrying productivity in challenging geology.
Komatsu integrated solution for quarry operations Komatsu integrated solution for quarry operations Komatsu integrated solution for quarry operations Komatsu integrated solution for quarry operations Komatsu integrated solution for quarry operations

Komatsu used CONEXPO to debut its new ZT44 drill, which has been designed for use in quarrying applications

Komatsu believes that quarries can maximise productivity and uptime with a single-source supply and integrated system and demonstrated this ideology during CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 where it showcased the breadth and depth of its entire portfolio — including solutions for the quarry and aggregate markets.

Among the machinery making up that portfolio of machinery was the new Komatsu ZT44 track drill and the Stamler RF-5 reclaim feeder.

Th versatile, tracked ZT44 drill has the flexibility needed to drill in a variety of settings, from small patterns and uneven ground conditions, as well as multiple angles and even de-watering, if required.

The ZT44 is a DTH surface drill designed for mining needs and as such has the flexibility and smaller footprint needed to excel in the quarry, aggregate or construction environments.

Komatsu states that the ZT44 track drill separates itself in the mining market with its industry-leading production rates and durability that allows users to meet production demands with a machine that is made to keep working 24/7. In addition to the around-the-clock operation, the drill supports mining applications with higher reliability and the versatility to perform pre-split, production or auxiliary applications.

Engineered for the harshest places on earth, the ZT44 is equipped with a dual-pressure air compressor enabling high- or low-pressure drilling, which allows it to efficiently adjust to changing drilling conditions in order to still achieve optimal performance.

The ZT44 has the largest compressor in its class and paired with a robust power unit, the ZT44 is ready for a variety of work locations, including challenging elevations where production often drops off.

A robust chassis and accompanying structures mean there is need to worry about shortened component life from longer work windows, while the smaller footprint of the machine means it still provides the flexibility of drilling in locations that cannot be accessed by larger rigs. Exceptional pulling capacity allows the ZT44 to move around unstable ground and tackle steeper grades than other OEMs.

For operations in extreme temperatures, the ZT44 meets availability needs as it is equipped with a best-in-class heat exchange unit to mitigate high thermal loads produced during the drilling operation. A second cooler is dedicated to keeping hydraulic temperatures in an optimum working state, resulting in more time dedicated to drilling holes.

A wireless remote pendant supports a safer environment for routine maintenance. The operator can remotely position the rig and position the boom or mast efficiently to change out consumables.

The compact Komatsu ZT44 is engineered for access. An external catwalk and handrails provide accessibility around the machine for routine maintenance and an internal walkway through the canopy provides access to internal componentry, such as the engine and compressor.

The low centre of gravity means optimum stability, offering the confidence to perform in a variety of locations throughout operational sites. 

Also on display on the Komatsu booth at CONEXPO was the company's newest offering for the quarry market - the Stamler RF-5 reclaim feeder.

The RF-5 cost-effectively feeds, blends, and reclaims materials with the versatility to cover multiple applications. This versatility offers quarry customers a more flexible solution than some of the traditional blending products they are using now. Customers can start production quickly with a delivery time of the standard RF-5 that is 30-40 per cent faster than customised alternatives.

The hopperless design allows material to be moved directly onto the integrated drag-chain conveyor. The material forms its own surge hopper, eliminating expensive fabricated upper hoppers and structures. A hopper can be incorporated into the design for those applications where material must be contained. A variety of loading options are available, including dozers, clamshell bucket, dump truck, excavator, front-end loader and stacking conveyor.

The Stamler RF-5 can be easily relocated to be used where most needed and is designed to fit multiple application needs, including coal, pet coke, aggregates, industrial minerals, and other wet, sticky materials. Stamler RF-5s can be moved from stockpile to stockpile by the same mobile equipment that loads the machine, requiring only solid, level ground conditions for operation.

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