data analysis

 Major Drilling’s new analytics package, TrailBlazer Rock5, is beginning to be loaded onto rigs at the company’s locations around the globe

Major Drilling blazes new trails for drilling innovation

Major Drilling dives into 2024 with range of new innovations and product developments

08 March 2024

 The correct recording of core samples as they are removed from the hole is important for accurate data collection

Let's talk about geotechnical data collection

An in-depth look at the science of core sample analysis with IMDEX

14 February 2024

 Teletrac Navman’s TN360 ACM offers customisable dashboards and a wide range of reports to get insight into how equipment and assets are being utilised

The benefits of telematics

A deep dive into the benefits that telematics on plant can bring to the drilling industry

30 January 2024

 A Vulcan MFT-40 calliper from Scientific Drilling International has been used to accurately acquire the internal diameter of the 9-5/8in casing across a section of 988m

Multi-finger calliper data enables plug setting in geothermal well

Calliper sampling leads to plugging success for geothermal well operator

10 January 2024

 Krux states that its software takes drilling data to the next level

Krux of the matter is more metres for your dollar

How improvements in analytics can increase the financial returns on metres drilled

07 November 2023

 BME offers smart, safe technology for loading blastholes

BME's smart, safe technology for loading blastholes

Real-time data on blasthole bulk emulsion loading data avaialble with BME technology

03 November 2023

 Komatsu and Cummins are partnering to create an integrated approach to equipment and engine monitoring to optimise maintenance for mines

Komatsu and Cummins' integrated approach to equipment and engine monitoring

Plant manufacturer and engine maker come together to integrate monitoring and analytics

27 February 2023

 Scientists from BGS joined the research collaboration onboard the JAMSTEC research vessel RV Kaimei as it sailed over the Japan Trench

BGS scientists' part in Japanese marine research collaboration

British scientists travelled to Japan to take part in marine coring research into earthquakes

03 January 2023


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