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 The FPS Mentoring Scheme aims to help and encourage underrepresented demographics within the piling sector along with encouraging wider participation and retention of those early in their careers as well as engaging with students looking for career direction

Mentors sought for early career workers and students in the piling sector

A mentoring scheme is being launched by the FPS to encourage young people into the piling sector

29 May 2020

 Steve Hadley, chair of the FPS, discusses the implications of late payment during and post the COVID-19 lockdown

Cashflow - essential for the 'new normal'

Will the COVID-19 lockdown prompt a change to the culture of late payment in the construction sector

06 May 2020

 Steve Hadley, chair of the Federation of Piling Specialists has announced plans to produce a series of podcasts and webinars

FPS to launch podcast & webinar series

New online initiatives being launched by Steve Hadley, chair of FPS

29 April 2020

 The E-Pile Schedule is available for free from the Federation of Piling Specialists’ website

Are you using the e-Pile Schedule?

Adopting the FPS' e-Pile Schedule can help facilitate the take up of digital construction in piling

06 April 2020

 Since being profiled in the FPS video, Careers in Construction, five years ago Richard Lipscombe has gone on to establish his own geotechnical and structural instrumentation and monitoring business

Youngsters in construction - Where are they now?

A look at how four youngsters' careers in the piling sector have progressed over five years

02 April 2020

 Steve Hadley is taking on the role of chair at the Federation of Piling Specialists

The UK's Federation of Piling Specialists welcomes new chair

A changing of the guard at the FPS as new chair is welcomed to lead the Federation in the UK

01 April 2020

 Steve Hadley, vice chair of the UK’s Federation of Piling Specialists, (left) with David Trotter and Erin Kelly of Fatigue Science

Fatigue - A topic best not slept upon

Is fatigue from long working hours and time spent travelling to job site putting operators at risk?

27 March 2020

 The Apprenticeship Degree in Geotechnical Engineering – a level 7 apprenticeship has gained ‘Approval for Creation’ from the Institute for Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship degrees in geotechnical engineering

A new degree option is being promoted by the FPS in order to fill a potentially looming skills gap

14 February 2020


Geothermal Game Changer

Customer-inspired engineering leads to fieldwork simplified


A Sneak Peek at the Future of Drilling Data

Drilling is the first step in an optimised mine value chain, so it is crucial to


Gain Ground on the Competition

Rigs, tooling designed for direct push propel profits, production across industries


Simplify your geotechnical Jobs

Multi-application drill rigs and enhanced tools boost productivity and profits.