Geoquip Water Solutions

 Failure to maintain a borehole can lead to a build of bacteria in pipes which will negatively impact how much water can flow

The testing time for boreholes is now

Geoquip Water Solutions believes investing in a borehole maintenance programme is essential

11 January 2022

 How optimum efficiencies can be achieved with a HES and PM motor

Efficient pump performance equals increased savings

Choosing the right pump gives you optimum flexibility, efficiency and ROI

16 November 2021

 A close-up of the typical iron bacteria residues on a pipe before the cleaning process

How to extend the life of your borehole cleaning programme

Re-examining the treatment regulations relating to cleaning potable water boreholes

09 June 2021

 Darren Hughes, from D Hughes Well Drillers checking the images produced by the Laval R-CAM 1000 XLT borehole camera to identify that a borehole was collapsing

How to get to the bottom of borehole problems

Advice from Geoquip Water Solutions on investigation and treatment options for boreholes

11 November 2020

 If allowed to go unchecked iron bacteria will grow inside a wells very easily and, once it gets established, it can cause massive problems with the equipment and maintenance of the well

Beating bacteria for the Italian 'jobs'

At look at Millars Products' use of Geoquip's borehole remediation solutions in the Italy market

18 August 2020

 After a well in Italy was treated with BoreSaver Ultra C a pH test of the clear water shows how effective GN Tecnopompe’s remedial work was

Well deep clean doubles water flow

A mothballed well has doubled its water flow after being chemically treated for bacterial build-up

12 August 2020

 With high abrasion resistance and high burst pressure, the Wellmaster flexible rising main system has total resistance to microbiological attack, scaling or corrosion

Invest in the best

Geoquip provides an insight into why it pays to invest in quality well drilling equipment

20 November 2019

 Charles Stafford and Ministry chemist Johannes Murowa work together on the Climate Justice Fund project in Malawi (Credit: Jamie Rattray)

Geoquip aids Malawi water programme

Geoquip's contribution to aiding clean drinking water supplies in Malawi

10 September 2019


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