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Geothermal Game Changer

Geothermal Game Changer

Customer-inspired engineering leads to fieldwork simplified

10 July 2023

 Making a name for itself in the environmental drilling industry with innovative direct push technology, Geoprobe now serves an array of drilling segments including geotechnical and exploration with rigs like the 31 series

Geoprobe - it's all about taking care of people

In an exclusive interview, Geoprobe's president shares the secret of the company's success

18 January 2023

 Purchased by Northern Virginia Drilling for its mud rotary capabilities, the DM250 performs air drilling rock wells in palm-sized cobbles using an auxiliary air compressor

Air drilling to mud and back again

Northern Virginia Drilling has yet to find the limits of its Drillmax DM250 but keeps trying

01 June 2022

 Along with Ed. Züblin AG, Huisman Geo has been jointly award a contract to drill geothermal boreholes in the Upper Rhine region of Germany

Huisman Geo and Ed. Züblin AG awarded Deutsche ErdWärme geothermal contract

Two German geothermal drilling specialists share contract award for Upper Rhine region project

30 March 2022

 The government of the Commonwealth of Dominica has unveiled new developments on its geothermal power plant project

New developments on Dominica's geothermal project

Dominican government provides an update on its plans for future renewable energy

14 March 2022

 The micro drilling turbine with a diamond drill bit is only 100mm long and has a diameter of 36mm. When drilling, it rotates at up to 80,000 revolutions per minute

Micro turbine drilling set to improve the efficiency of geothermal systems

Newly developed drill bit could improve geothermal well efficiency

11 January 2022

 The TSi 150 Sonic Oscillator provides an oscillator frequency of 0 to 150Hz, oscillator force up to 50,000lbs and a maximum torque of 4,677ft-lbs

New benchmark in sonic drilling from Terra Sonic International and Massenza

Massenza teams up with Terra Sonic International to bring new sonic drill rig option to the market

19 October 2021

 A geothermal heat pump system being installed at an eco-friendly apartment house in Finland

Study outline number of geothermal wells need to heat Helsinki

University study highlights how many geothermal wells would be needed to heat Helsinki

30 March 2021


Geothermal Game Changer

Customer-inspired engineering leads to fieldwork simplified


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