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 The LRB 23 compact piling and drilling rig from Liebherr

LRB 23 continues Liebherr's piling and drilling rig the success

Liebherr's LRB 23 closes the gap between the company's LRB 16 and LRB 355 piling and drilling rigs

18 January 2024

 The latest compact piling and drilling rig from Liebherr is the LRB 23

LRB 23 continues Liebherr's piling and drilling rig success story

New LRB 23 closes the gap between the LRB 16 and the LRB 355 in Liebherr's piling rig line-up

21 October 2022

 Harms set up the BG 55, polymer slurry tanks, and all other necessary equipment and materials on custom-designed Flexifloat barges adjacent to the existing bridge

Installing 240ft drilled shafts with a barge-mounted Bauer drill rig

How to overcome the challenges of drilling deep, large diameter pile shafts from a barge on a river

03 June 2022

 Casagrande has supplied two B400XP-2 rigs to work on the foundations for Egypt’s first monorail

Casagrande's part in Egypt's first monorail

Casagrande has supplied the rigs working on the foundations of Egypt's first monorail

27 October 2021

 Casagrande’s new B470XP-2 multifunction rig provides extreme performance in cased CFA double head mode with 32m CFA and to 24m cased depth

Casagrande's new flagship rig

New Casagrande flagship B470XP-2 hydraulic piling rig in operation in UK

12 July 2021

 An SR 235 is the first Sany piling rig to be made in India for the domestic market

Sany India launches its first 'Made in India' piling rig

First 'Made in India' piling rig produced by Sany's Indian Subsidiary

15 March 2021

 With the EK40, Geax has created a versatile and adaptable drilling rig that can be used in confined spaces and open areas alike

A game-changer compact piling rig

Just what makes the Geax EK40 such a versatile drilling rig for construction contractors

22 February 2021

 The LR65 is the newly introduced long reach option for the company’s EK65 model

CZM introduces LR65 to fleet

Long reach option introduced by CZM for its CAT323-based EK65

18 February 2021


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