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Let's all pile into the sea

GDI's editor takes a look at what's inside the May 2021 print issue

27 April 2021

 Structural Soils’ first use of its new Comacchio GEO 602 performing sonic drilling at a job site in Aberdeen

Dual system delivers both sonic and rotary drilling technology

The first use of Comacchio's new dual drilling (sonic/rotary) system in the UK market

16 April 2021

 Keller staff 60m below ground in Singapore’s sewerage system using a new drilling procedure that enabled simultaneous installation of casing and drilling string to minimise potential disturbance of soft soil

Tackling challenging grouting projects in Singapore and Malaysia

Leveraging a global network of experts, Keller's ASEAN team innovates on grouting projects

15 April 2021

 How does the heat generated through the use of sonic drilling affect any vapours of concern that may be in core samples collected during the process

How does heat affect VOC sampling in sonic core samples?

How much impact does the heat generated during sonic drilling have on core samples?

14 April 2021

 Using Dieseko Group’s PVE 500M Normal Frequency Vibratory Hammer four 26m piles were extracted at the Lely offshore wind farm in the Netherlands

Raising to the challenge - Today's pile extraction solving tomorrow's problem

A look at how the pile extraction technology of today can solve the problems of tomorrow offshore

14 April 2021

 Lankelma was commissioned to carry out the overwater element of the site investigation for the foundations for a new moveable tidal barrier in Lowestoft

Holding back the tide

Lankelma's marine site investigation for the foundations for a moveable tidal barrier in Lowestoft

12 April 2021

 Robertson Geo has a fleet of service logging vehicles fully customised and comprehensively equipped with subsurface data acquisition and surface winch deployment equipment; ready to go whatever the location or application

Probing boreholes

Cameras, callipers and nuclear magnetic resonance probes can be used for borehole logging

12 April 2021

 For nearshore operations, where UXOs are buried deep below strong currents, Fugro has developed an innovative identification solution: a diverless shallow-water tool

UXO considerations for successful offshore projects

Five points to consider when selecting a marine UXO survey contractor

09 April 2021


Geothermal Game Changer

Customer-inspired engineering leads to fieldwork simplified


A Sneak Peek at the Future of Drilling Data

Drilling is the first step in an optimised mine value chain, so it is crucial to


Gain Ground on the Competition

Rigs, tooling designed for direct push propel profits, production across industries


Simplify your geotechnical Jobs

Multi-application drill rigs and enhanced tools boost productivity and profits.