Rosond is putting programmes in place to afford women the opportunity to be financially independent and to have viable careers

Maximising gender equality

What can be done to maximise gender equality at a grassroots level within the mining industry?

26 February 2024

 What part can “renewable” diesel play in the construction industry’s efforts to go green?

The rise of renewable diesel (and what it has to offer the construction industry

What part does "renewable" diesel have to play in the greening of the construction sector

01 December 2023

 Liebherr’s LB 30 unplugged, electric drilling rig, offers the same usability as its regular diesel counterpart but with zero-emissions

The coming electrification of construction sites

The AEM offers five reasons for the electrification of construction jobsites in the near future

23 October 2023

 Improving company culture, from enforcing values to bringing employees together can all help retain employees and attract new staff

Culture in construction: Why it matters, and how to make it better

Workplace culture changes can help retain staff and attract new talent

10 October 2023

 Improved training can help reduce gender inequality in mining by encouraging more women into the industry

Women as a catalysts for change

The role training agencies can play in creating greater gender diversity in the mining industry

09 August 2023

 The continued stress of working within the geotechnical drilling industry on large construction sites can be damaging to employees mental health

Mental Health in the drilling industry

How can drilling organisations support those suffering with mental health issues?

07 March 2023

Happenings from Down Under

Happenings from Down Under

Nobody wants to hear bad news but statistics suggest a slow down in the Australian drilling market

02 February 2023

 The increased use of automation in the mining industry is reliant on the reliable creation and transmission of data to allow machine learning to take place

Applying robotisation's four 'Ds' to real-world mining automation

What is the future for the use of robotics in the mining industry?

06 January 2023


Geothermal Game Changer

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Drilling is the first step in an optimised mine value chain, so it is crucial to


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