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 A new partnership will accelerate the delivery of uncrewed marine UXO operations

Sulmara and SafeLane Global partner on marine UXO mitigation solution

A new partnership will accelerate the delivery of uncrewed marine UXO operations

15 June 2023

 SafeLane Global companies’ WB+AD Morgan and Raeburn Drilling Waterwells specialise in water well drilling for both commercial and domestic applications

Drilling water wells: The process and the purpose

All you need to know about where groundwater comes from and how to extract it

06 April 2023

 WB+AD Morgan is capable of drilling boreholes for water abstraction where others have failed

Drilling a 'smart' water abstraction borehole for a global soft drinks company

WB+AD Morgan drills a borehole for water abstractions where others have failed

21 October 2022

 Working on a class 1 nuclear facility threw up numerous challenges for SafeLane Global as it undertook ground engineering works

Ground engineering challenges at a class 1 nuclear facility

Few projects are more challenging than those on a class 1 nuclear facility in the middle of winter

16 June 2022

 Can bore holes drilled for open loop ground source heating help the UK to overcome the energy crisis it is currently facing?

Can ground source heating solve the energy crisis?

Can open loop ground source heating be the solution to Britain's energy crisis?

14 April 2022

 (left to right) James S Raeburn, Anne Baxter CEO Raeburn Drilling, Adam Ainsworth (CEO SafeLane) and Rob Hunter (CFO SafeLane)

Five Raeburn Group companies acquired by SafeLane Global

SafeLane Global acquires five Raeburn companies to enable end-to-end site investigation solution

23 March 2022

 Drilling work by WB+AD Morgan for ground source heating solutions is helping the UK’s built sector move towards net-zero

Achieving net-zero with open loop ground source heating

A look at how open loop ground source heating is helping the built sector achieve net-zero

15 November 2021

 SafeLane Global was contracted by Dunelm Geotechnical and Environmental to drill a borehole to investigate the option of utilising a disused mine in the UK for geothermal energy supply

Taking the heat off Durham County Council

How a UK council is looking to re-purpose a disused coal mine as a source of geothermal energy

20 April 2020


Geothermal Game Changer

Customer-inspired engineering leads to fieldwork simplified


A Sneak Peek at the Future of Drilling Data

Drilling is the first step in an optimised mine value chain, so it is crucial to


Gain Ground on the Competition

Rigs, tooling designed for direct push propel profits, production across industries


Simplify your geotechnical Jobs

Multi-application drill rigs and enhanced tools boost productivity and profits.