BIUST undertook detailed geophysical analysis of the hot spring to evaluate its generation capabilities, measuring the area to a depth of 22km

University uses geotechnical analysis to bring geothermal energy to Africa

Seequent software utilised by African university to analyse geothermal energy potential

10 July 2023

 A slice through geological and temperature models built in Leapfrog Energy of the Rotokawa and Ngā Tamariki Geothermal Fields in New Zealand, operated by Mercury

Seequent introduces Leapfrog Energy

How technology developed for the geothermal market is being applied to the wider energy market

01 June 2023

 SLOPE3D enables the evaluation of the factor of safety and failure mechanisms of the pit slope, or analysis of previous pit wall failures with complex topography, pore-water pressures, or anisotropy

Seequent unveils SLOPE3D

Advanced slope stability analysis tool released by Bentley company

10 April 2023

 The use of advanced technologies and data analysis techniques are becoming more prevalent in mineral exploration

Drilling into digital

Examining the shift towards more advanced and sophisticated exploration methods

23 February 2023

 Eddie Tan (centre) Seequent's sales and channel director Asia receives the Outstanding Innovation Award winner at the 20th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering on behalf of the PLAXIS team

PLAXIS innovation recognised by ICSMGE

Award for PLAXIS at International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering

10 May 2022

 AR2Tech’s algorithm library and engine for geostatistical modelling can be implemented in mining to enable conditional simulation and estimation models of complex orebodies

Seequent acquires Advanced Resources and Risk Technology (AR2Tech)

Advanced Resources and Risk Technology has been acquired by Bentley Systems' business Seequent

14 December 2021

 Seequent already integrates its Leapfrog, Oasis montaj, Target, and Imago solutions with MX Deposit, streamlining processes and increasing efficiency for geologists, engineers, and other stakeholders

Bentley Systems announces Seequent's acquisition of Minalytix

Minalytix has been acquired by Seequent as Bentley Systems looks to grows it SaaS operations

16 September 2021

 Imago assists companies to deploy processes that improve core image capture

Seequent acquires Imago

Imago is the latest acquisition by Bentley Systems as it grows its Seequent business

05 August 2021


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