site investigation

When slope climbing rigs are used for site investigation projects, they must be safely secured using a method that meets the British Standard. Credit: Geotechnical Engineering Ltd

Anchoring of slope climbing drilling rigs

An explanation of the methods of safely securing slope climbing drilling rigs on site investigations

24 July 2024

PocketLIM is a multi-application display and data acquisition device that stores and transfers data (BOR) to be automatically processed in the cloud with the GEO-LOG 4 web application

Integrating MWD data through BOR files

LIM's BOR file format allows for the simple processing of different types of MWD data

23 July 2024

The oldest drilling method, cable percussion drilling, involves dropping a series of tools into the ground to remove soil and advance the casing. Credit: Drift Services Group

Site investigation pros and cons

Drift Services Group discuss differing site investigation method advantages and disadvantages

22 July 2024

A thorough ground investigation can remove uncertainties that could impact budgeting and risk

The necessity of site investigation

Debbie Darling asks is ground investigation the most important phase of a construction project?

12 July 2024

Fugro is making use of a third-party lift boat, specially equipped to operate in both shallow and deeper waters with minimal environmental disturbance, to undertake site investigation for the new US 51 Cairo Bridge in Ballard County, Kentucky. Credit: Fugro

Fugro supports US 51 bridge redesign with nearshore geotechnical expertise

Fugro is undertaking site investigations for the new Cairo Bridge in Ballard County, Kentucky, US

09 July 2024

EnviroCore received its refurbished rigs from Geoprobe just in time to undertake a site investigation project following a train derailment that led to a chemical spill. Credit: Geoprobe

Partnership critical to derailment site investigation success

A combination of Geoprobe rigs for site investigation at East Palestine rail derailment site

02 July 2024

Just Drill’s UK customers getting a demonstration of the Geomachine GM2000 rig, the first 2000m deep rig specifically designed for low-impact, small-footprint geothermal drilling

The Just Drill story

The inside line on how UK drill rig and parts supplier Just Drill started and where it is going

24 May 2024

A multiplicity of probes can be used to acquire a wide range of data sets when logging a borehole

Understanding borehole geophysical survey probes

A guide to borehole geophysical survey probes and an example of them in operation

20 May 2024


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