surface drilling

The SmartROC T30 R offers a 45/45 boomswing that, combined with a 5.7m boom system, gives the rig a coverage area of 24sq.m Credit: Epiroc

Epiroc launches SmartROC T30 R surface rig

A powerful, surface radio remote drill rig for the construction and quarrying sectors

25 April 2024

Sandvik will supply five electric versions of its DR410iE rotary drill rigs to Tsagaan Suvarga Project in Mongolia Credit: Sandvik

Mongolia's Tsagaan Suvarga project gets electric Sandvik rigs

Sandvik has received an order for cable-electric DR410iE rotary drill rigs from Mongolyn Alt MAK LLC

19 April 2024

The SmartROC C50 with a long-feed can carry a 7.3m starter rod and 6m rods in the carousel Credit: Epiroc

Epiroc releases a new long-feed version of the SmartROC C50

Maximum hole depth of 37m available with the latest version of Epiroc's SmartROC C50 rig

25 March 2024

 Sandvik’s AutoMine allows operators to remotely control mining equipment; from a single unit to multiple rigs

Automation past, present and future

Take a look at Sandvik's long history of automation and simulator use around surface drilling rigs

22 January 2024

 Sandvik has received its largest ever order for surface drill rigs, valued at US$24 million

Sandvik wins record order for surface drill rigs

US dealer orders replacement fleet of 34 surface drill rig from Sandvik

15 January 2024

 Learning from Disasters delivers flexibility to the participant, commencing with an online course to help identify the early warning signs and failures that led to real-life disasters

New training to improve safety in Queensland's resources sector

New mandatory for statutory ticket holders in quarries in Queensland by RSHQ

11 January 2024

 Field trials of an Epiroc SmartROC D65 BE, a battery-electric surface drill rig will be undertaken by Capital Limited at the Sukari Mine in Egypt

Capital Limited trials battery-electric SmartROC D65 BE

A battery-electric version of Epiroc's SmartROC D65 surface drill rig will be tested in Africa

09 January 2024

 Epiroc’s Common Automation Panel is designed for an innovative transformation of the control room

Epiroc releases Common Automation Panel for mixed fleets

Latest remote operations controller increase automations options for Epiroc rig users

15 December 2023


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