Komatsu to acquire Immersive Technologies

Komatsu Ltd., through its wholly owned subsidiary in Australia, has agreed to acquire global mining technology and workforce optimisation firm Immersive Corporation Pty. Ltd. (known as Immersive Technologies), which specialises in increasing mine profitability by optimising the safety and productivity of equipment operators, on the condition that all necessary procedures for closing are completed.
Komatsu to acquire Immersive Technologies Komatsu to acquire Immersive Technologies Komatsu to acquire Immersive Technologies Komatsu to acquire Immersive Technologies Komatsu to acquire Immersive Technologies

Immersive Technologies is set to become part of the Komatsu Group

Retaining its headquarters in Perth, Western Australia, Immersive Technologies will continue to deploy its highly effective solution to its customers. This solution aligns people, process, and technology to reduce risk, quantify training impact and effectively manage the training process.

As part of its drive to deliver greater value to mining customers, Komatsu is committed to delivering equipment and system-based solutions, including automation, digitisation, and visualisation technologies. It strongly believes that to fully achieve this commitment, it is essential to offer human skill-based solutions, including training and workforce development. Immersive Technologies, as the market leader in this space, will, therefore, facilitate Komatsu's deep commitment to its mining customers.

"We are very pleased to welcome Immersive Technologies, into the Komatsu group. We look forward to working together with Immersive Technologies to enhance Komatsu's Mining Business and continue the success in its multiple-OEM simulator strategy," said Masayuki Moriyama, president, Mining Business Division of Komatsu, chairman, Komatsu Mining Corp.

"This acquisition represents the start of the next phase of Immersive Technologies' evolution. We now have the opportunity to contribute to the realisation of Komatsu's strategy for mining, while also leveraging Komatsu's vast support network and advanced technology portfolio. This includes closer collaboration with other well-known mining technology companies owned by Komatsu," said Peter Salfinger, CEO and co-founder of Immersive Technologies.

"We have been particularly impressed by Komatsu's bold vision for the future of mining and their proactive steps to pursue it. We are very pleased that Komatsu sees Immersive Technologies, as having an important role in this future. Further, we see Komatsu's high level of customer focus, which supports collaboration between competing mining suppliers, to benefit mining customers, as being highly aligned to Immersive Technologies' business," added Wayde Salfinger, executive director and co-founder.