Almost back to normal

It seems that for the past year every time I’ve sat down to write this column there has been one topic that had to be addressed – COVID-19. Well, I’m now hoping this is the last time I’ll be talking about it.

 The June 2021 print issue of GeoDrilling International

The June 2021 print issue of GeoDrilling International

Here in the UK, where GDI is produced, the national vaccination programme is well underway and as a direct result life is beginning to return to what is considered normal. We can go out for a pint, we can meet up with friends and family once more and remote working is being reduced. However, for me, the most important change is that industry events are making the switch back from virtual to actual. The first signs that this is happening came with the news that UK-based geotechnical training specialist, Equipe Group, will be hosting a real-life conference for early careers geopractitioners during the upcoming Geotechnica event.

That's right a proper industry gathering where we can once again talk to each other, share a joke and get hands-on with the latest technical developments.

However, let's not forget that some good has come from this terrible pandemic as highlighted in the insights into training in this issue which show just how beneficial online/virtual training courses can be. The need for social distancing and where possible remote working has also had the knock-on effect of pushing the development of automation within the drilling industry and that can be seen in the features in this issue covering the surface drilling sector.

It's been a long time coming but it feels like normality is on its way and I look forward to meeting you the readers, advertisers and contributors to GDI again in person.