Drilcorp's Borestorer sub-brand development

In 2018 Drilcorp identified a gap in the market for borehole cleaning which was not served by any other company in the UK. After extensive discussions with manufacturers and a counterpart in Germany, it developed a new jetting unit which would be used to clean boreholes as an alternative to scrubbing or chemical cleaning.
Drilcorp's Borestorer sub-brand development Drilcorp's Borestorer sub-brand development Drilcorp's Borestorer sub-brand development Drilcorp's Borestorer sub-brand development Drilcorp's Borestorer sub-brand development

Drilcorp has launched the sub-brand Borestorer

That development has become the sub-brand Borestorer. To help bring it to market Drilcorp has used the services of RTC North (a business support organisation). RTC North is a business that Drilcorp has worked with in the past for some of its other projects such as the launch of the TMAC and to access funding for new equipment.

Marketing and business development executive at DrilCorp, Gillian Hogarth, takes up the story of Borestorer: "We approached RTC to help us put together our marketing plan and identify the key areas which we would need to get our new product to market. Initially, while the unit was being manufactured, we looked at the possibility of an animated video which could be used as a teaser marketing tool until the unit arrived. We identified several video animation companies and received quotations and proposals to put this together.

"During the process we also carried out some idea sessions on brand names and logos for the new unit, checking out domain names and looking at trademarks and the opportunity to future proof the design and name. With the help of RTC's innovation specialist Nick Devitt, we identified and narrowed down our choices. We worked with our marketing agency Glow Creative and our marketing and borehole engineering team to develop the name and logo over several months. Aligning the new brand with that of the Drilcorp brands and themes.

"With the help of Definition IP, a specialist intellectual property solicitor, we carried out an IP audit of our current position and identified the areas of the business where we could both trademark our logos, names and straplines.

"The process was not without its difficulties with delays in manufacture, availability of parts and testing. The unit finally arrived with us in February and staff training began. On-site, photography has been done and we are in the process of putting together our marketing brochure and website.

"The brand for Borestorer has been designed in keeping with our corporate vision and colours and uses the Pantone blue to fit in with our BES division. The logo represents the spinning jetting heads of the machine and the impulse waves created by the pressure of the water, penetrating the well screen deep into the borehole.

"With greater certainty of our position and a greater understanding of intellectual property, we are now in a position to move forward with our trademarks.

"Our future plan for the Borestorer unit is to roll it out to all borehole owners who require borehole cleaning. Our targets include distilleries, food and drink manufacturers and utility companies. The new unit will be a more environmentally friendly approach to cleaning with advanced jetting technology and will restore the borehole back to an as new condition. The unit has helped to create four new jobs within the business and will further increase the revenue of the borehole engineering division of Drilcorp while making us the leader in borehole cleaning in the UK."



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