Hong Kong government contract for Binnies

Binnies Hong Kong has been appointed by the Drainage Services Department (DSD) of the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to investigate, design and supervise the construction of one of Hong Kong’s large-scale dry weather flow interceptors (DWFI).
Hong Kong government contract for Binnies Hong Kong government contract for Binnies Hong Kong government contract for Binnies Hong Kong government contract for Binnies Hong Kong government contract for Binnies

The contract signing ceremony for the Shau Kei Wan DWFI which Binnies Hong Kong will be undertaking

The DWFI project, which aims to mitigate the pollution problems in the harbour area, is the first consultancy agreement awarded to Binnies Hong Kong after its acquisition by the RSK group and change of company name from Black & Veatch Hong Kong to Binnies Hong Kong.

The DWFI will be constructed in Shau Kei Wan, on the eastern side of Hong Kong Island. It will be the city's seventh, with Binnies Hong Kong selected to deliver consultancy services to six of them.

The main objective of the DWFIs is to stop the polluted flow in the stormwater collection system from entering the coastal harbour. Binnies Hong Kong will be involved in reviewing the filtering technology, preparing the design, assisting in procurement, supervising construction and commissioning.

Binnies Hong Kong has pioneered an innovative approach that involves the intercepted dry weather flow from a stormwater collection system being filtered on-site and discharged to the harbour area, instead of adding a burden to the existing sewerage system. The project will focus on developing a human-centred and environmentally friendly design that blends into the surrounding environment and the creation of additional public space and amenities, turning the public infrastructure into a platform to bring the community together.

"Construction of the DWFIs plays a crucial role in the overall strategy to enhance the quality of the coastal waters of Victoria Harbour," said Andy Kwok, MD of Binnies Hong Kong. "We are excited to continue our long-standing relationship and collaboration with the DSD and to deliver a world-class harbour-front area for the local community."