Skelair partners with CRI, Geolorn

Skelair, a supplier of ground engineering and rock drilling equipment, has announced a partnership with drilling project management specialist Geolorn to supply and manage the Center Rock Inc (CRI) product range across the UK and Ireland

Skelair partners with CRI, Geolorn

The partnership will enable Skelair to offer the CRI product range exclusively in the UK and Ireland, while Geolorn will be able to provide specialist project management solutions.

"This approach allows us to offer our customers a bespoke service; working alongside Geolorn, we can provide solutions and service requirements to even the most complex of projects," stated John Mayo, managing director at Skelair.

The CRI range includes the Center Rock Force line of high-performance down-the-hole (DTH) hammers and bits. Featuring a high-efficiency and tunable valved air cycle to optimise performance on a compressor, the Center Rock Force range suits a broad range of hole sizes and applications.

The Rock Xtreme Hammer series of DTH hammers features a high-performance valved air cycle, high-frequency, low-vibration operation, no exhaust tube or foot valve, lightweight economical bits and a large shank cross-section.

Center Rock's CR line of DTH drills is designed for the most demanding of conditions. With minimal moving parts, the drills feature reversible casing, a solid piston and an industry standard bit shank.

In addition, the CRI line of bits is made from premium alloy steel and high-quality tungsten carbide; the bits are heat treated and shot peened to deliver a durable balance of strength and toughness.

Center Rock's LP Drills provide a solution for drilling excavation requirements up to 144in (3,568mm) in diameter. With a variety of models available, all canisters range from 24in-144in and utilise the same 6in-class hammer.

Dave Pietrzykowski, president and CEO at CRI, concluded: "Having the right partner on board is critical to our success. The solutions-based approach which Skelair and Geolorn adopt is the ideal model for our range of hammers and bits, and we're looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship as we focus on growing our UK and Ireland market share."