Are you competent?

The title of this comment is not meant to goad anyone. It is a serious question. Even though I have only been in the drilling industry a little over a year, I have already seen a vast number of changes as new technology is introduced.
Are you competent? Are you competent? Are you competent? Are you competent? Are you competent?

Duncan Moore


Duncan Moore

Therefore, I'm asking the question to discover if you are all up-to-date with the latest techniques and best practice around drill site and equipment use? In the June 2019 issue of GDI, we take a comprehensive look at training with a definite emphasis on health and safety. It was an interesting experience putting this section together discovering the breadth of training that is currently available and just how comprehensive it can be.

One particularly insight piece is the report from regular GDI contributor Sign Hansen who gets the inside line on how Fugro prepares its drill teams for work in extreme environments and it is interesting to see just how comprehensive that training needs to be to cover all potential hazards in environments ranging from freezing conditions to jungle sites to locations that are only accessible via helicopter.

Hidden dangers on drill sites are also discussed both by Philip Ball, of the British Drilling Association, and Richard Betts and Keith Spires of Equipe Group all discussing the issue of asbestos contamination in the ground.

That is not the only involvement that Equipe Group has in the June edition of GDI, as it is also the company behind Geotechnica, the UK's key geotechnical conference and exhibition. A preview of the event giving a taster of what to expect from the many international exhibitors is online. It is interesting to note that among those exhibitors are a number of companies actively promoting health and safety training for drill crews. I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to discuss the subject of training and among other things the latest developments in drilling and geotechnical technology with both exhibitors and visitors to the show. And I'll not be forgetting to ask "Are you competent?"