Central Alliance designs bespoke rig

Central Alliance, a UK provider of preconstruction services, has designed and built a modular rig for use on restricted and difficult-access areas

Central Alliance designs bespoke rig

The modular rig was constructed in-house by Central Alliance's development department, and can complete standard penetration tests (SPT) and cone penetration tests (CPT) at 1m intervals, U38, U70, U100 and U100T sampling, dynamic sampling, dynamic probing (DPSH and DPH), and simultaneous casing of boreholes.

The rig is powered by a portable hydraulic power pack, which can be operated approximately 10m away from the rig. With a mast height of just 2.10m, it is suitable for working below OHLE structures, as well as requiring a base area of just 1.50m by 1.00m.

Pete Bevils, CEO of Central Alliance, said: "The modular rig has been utilised already on a number of projects, with many more scheduled. As clients become more aware of its potential and capabilities, it is opening up many new geotechnical opportunities especially on limited-headroom sites, embankments and cuttings for roads and railways. Its innovative size and construction means it is also ideal for use inside buildings or basements."