Geoprobe launches 150GT rotary rig

Geoprobe states that its new rig – the 150GT Geotech – has been specifically designed for customers focused on traditional geotechnical drilling applications: hollow stem auger, solid stem auger, SPT, mud rotary, air rotary, and high-speed coring.
Geoprobe launches 150GT rotary rig Geoprobe launches 150GT rotary rig Geoprobe launches 150GT rotary rig Geoprobe launches 150GT rotary rig Geoprobe launches 150GT rotary rig

Geoprobe 150GT

Duncan Moore


Duncan Moore

Prior to introducing the truck-mounted 150GT, the Geoprobe team had noted that some of its customers working on rotary geotechnical projects preferred 5ft. tooling systems while others demanded speed; speed that could only be achieved by operating 10ft tooling. With no single drill mast configuration able to offer a solution for every application Geoprobe decided designed the new rig.

The CB5 four-speed head on the 150GT drill rig features 6,000ft-lb torque; 600rpm (torque to spin augers, speed to high-speed core). The drill mast on the rig has 144in of head feed travel and 45in of drill mast dump (giving the range needed to work ground level, above a pan, or drill at an angle).

To increase efficiency the DH107 automatic drop hammer allows the operator to swing in drop hammer while the head is still attached to the tool string. Integral safety features to protect the operator from improper deployment.

The telescoping winch mast reduces the overall height of the rig, but still allows the tripping out of 20ft lengths of rod when combined with the 3ft extension. The rig's high capacity hydraulics are powered by the truck's motor to save on both weight and space.

Manual controls for the 150GT feature electrical augmentation; the manual option provides the tactile feel that some drillers prefer, while the electric control adds safe hands-free operation.



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