Focus on groundwater

On December 5-7, Groundwater Week 2017, formerly known as the National Ground Water Association Expo, is back in Nashville, Tennessee, US, to bring together groundwater professionals from around the world. Here, we list some of the key exhibitors in attendance

Focus on groundwater

Boart Longyear

Main business sectors: Water supply drilling services, pump services and mine dewatering

Exhibiting/launching/announcing:  Boart Longyear has unique and extensive water drilling technical expertise, providingmine dewatering, water supply drilling, rotary drilling and pump services. The company offers a range of large, advanced and reliable rigs for the industry.

One of the innovative solutions Boart Longyear offers is the dual-tube flooded reverse (DTFR) drilling process, which uses dedicated dual-wall drill pipe and drilling fluid along with the injection of air in order to drill large-diameter holes. Using DTFR, fluids always circulate inside the dual-tube pipe and can't escape into the formations. Instead of maintaining fluids at the surface and circulating throughout the wellbore, DTFR generally drills with the borehole fluids at their naturally occurring level.

Boart Longyear Drilling Services operates the exclusive LR90H horizontal drilling rig for mine dewatering. This FOPS Level II-certified rig drills a hole at a 5° angle for self-draining dewatering - directly against a high-wall face for the best productivity. This electric rig offers hands-free rod handling and can drill 152-182 m (500-600ft) in a shift.

Booth: 255


Cotey Chemical Corporation

Main business sectors: Water well development, rehabilitation and maintenance solutions

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: Cotey well cleaning brush

Booth: 613


Diedrich Drill

Main business sectors: Premier mechanical rigs for geotechnical, environmental and groundwater applications

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: Two track rigs and tooling

Diedrich Drill manufacturers each rig at its LaPorte, Indiana, facility to meet the demands of customers for safe, tough and rugged equipment with minimal downtime. Its full line-up of tooling includes augers, casing, drill rod, spoons and tubes; now also featuring Fordia coring tools.

Booth: 355


Drill King International

Main business sectors: Manufacturing of down-the-hole (DTH) air and fluid hammers, percussion drill bits and hole openers, casing advance systems, above-the-hammer shock absorbers, casing crown bits and shoes, and their worldwide distribution

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: XT PRO Series Shock Subs for use with 4-8in (102-203mm) DTH air hammers

Booth: 944


Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill and Eijkelkamp North America

Main business sectors: Sonic drilling and sampling, groundwater investigation, and soil and water monitoring

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill, together with Eijkelkamp North America, will introduce several new products at the upcoming Groundwater Week show, including the SRS PL SmallRotoSonic, with a weight of only 7,275lbs (3,300kg). The rig has the ability to reach confined spaces that were previously impossible for the larger sonic models to access. This SRS PL is a solution for clients that have been struggling with capabilities of direct-push technology.

CRS XL DUO CompactRotoSonic is a multipurpose sonic rig, which can be used for sonic drilling, but also for conventional rotary up to 1,100rpm. This option is available on all drill rig models, except for the SRS PL SmallRotoSonic.

Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill is now also offering a combination of a sonic rig (or conventional) with 20t (44,000lbs) cone penetration testing (CPT) capability.

While at the show, the company will introduce a new version of the DrillTracker management software for drilling companies. The updated software provides improved features, such as a calculation tool on project profitability. The software can make borehole logging and all necessary project information readily available to drillers. In the next months, SonicSampDrill will introduce an app for iOS and Android for mobile and off-line availability of the software.

Booth: 1147 / /


Epiroc/Atlas Copco

Main business sectors: Drill rigs, drilling accessories and bits/hammers

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: The TH60 PTO-powered truck-mounted water-well drill rig, 3062 WellDrill track-mounted shallow water-well and geothermal drill rig, rock drilling tools and the Symmetrix overburden drilling system

Booth: 1319


Franklin Electric

Main business sector: Franklin Electric is a manufacturer of motors, pumps, drives and controls for the movement of water

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: According to Franklin Electric, its new MagForce Permanent Magnet Motor provides significant electrical cost savings via an efficiency improvement of 10-12% when compared to standard induction motors. Providing a constant horsepower production at high efficiencies, this family covers the nine traditional pump horsepower ratings from 5-60 horsepower in three distinct motor models. It's suitable for areas facing US Department of Energy (DOE) efficiency regulations, or those expecting tightened standards in the future, as well as long or consistent run time applications, large-scale cattle or swine operations, municipal well or high-volume transfer applications, and mining or dewatering applications.    

Booth: 725



Main business sector: Drilling rig manufacturer

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: Water well, foundation and geotechnical drilling rigs

Booth: 1527



Main business sectors: Design and manufacture of portable drilling rigs and related equipment for the water well, environmental, groundwater monitoring, construction, mining and oil & gas exploration and production industries

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: The GEFCO 2018 30K and the breakout hands-free system, also featuring the Wyo-Ben Thunderstorm products

Booth: 703


Geoprobe Systems

Main business sector: Drilling equipment and tooling manufacturer

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: A diverse line-up of innovative machines and tools for technical drillers

Booth: 101


Goulds Water Technology (a Xylem brand)

Main business sector: Residential water technology

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: The new vortex sewage pump, as well as its AqWiFi remote-monitoring app, streamline 4in (102mm) series submersible pumps and 6in (152mm) motors

Booth: 1001


MARL Technologies

Main business sectors:  Geotechnical, environmental, geothermal, construction drilling rigs and technology

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: MARL Technologies will be exhibiting the MARL eSPT digital SPT hammer system, a Fraste ML limited-access rotary drill, and a Fraste PL.G limited-access rotary drill.

Booth: 329



Main Business Sector - DTH Hammers & Bits

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: At Groundwater Week, Mincon will be exhibiting its full line of down-the-hole (DTH) hammers and bits with drill pipe, along with rotary bits and casing advancing systems.

Booth: 1252



Main business sector: Down-the-hole (DTH) hammers and bits

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: Numa's Patriot water-well hammers and bits are capable of drilling holes 3½in to 17 ½in (89-445 mm) in demanding environments. Able to drill at high frequency, Patriot hammers require less air resulting in smoother operation and more efficient drilling - even against high heads of water.

Booth: 425


Rockmore International

Main business sector:  Manufacturer

Exhibiting/launching/announcing:  At Groundwater Week, Rockmore Internationalwill be introducing the second model in the new T-Series ‘tubeless' down-the-hole (DTH) hammer line- the ROK 550T. The new T-Series design hammers utilise drill bits with standard shank connections without the plastic blow tubes/foot valves. The ROK 550T is a five-inch (127mm) class model and a ‘tubeless' hammer that accepts the industry standard bit shank model QL50, but with the blow tube/foot valve removed.

Booth:  708



Main business sector:  Drilling rigs

Exhibiting/launching/announcing:  Refurbishment services and solutions for Tier 4 emissions compliance

Booth: 216


Sonic Drill Corporation

Main business sectors: Mining, geothermal and environmental

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: The latest developments in sonic drilling technology

Booth: 1419


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