Atlas Copco upgrades FlexiROC T20 R

Atlas Copco’s FlexiROC T20 R (Mk II), a new version of the compact, multipurpose drill rig, comes with significant upgrades to meet customer needs.

Atlas Copco upgrades FlexiROC T20 R

The improved model, which uses technology from drill rigs such as the FlexiROC T25 R and T30 R, features a new rig-control system that consists of electrical and hydraulic components and radio remote control (RRC).

Other examples of upgrades include a new cylinder feed (BMH 2000) in three different lengths, reinforced drill steel support, hose routing with three bulkheads, front-facing feed holder and better service access.

The new FlexiROC T20 R has been equipped with the COP 1435 rock drill. It has almost 30% higher impact energy and 30% higher rotation torque than the previous model, the manufacturer said. With an impact power of 14kW, together with smooth cylinder feed action, the drilling performance has increased by up to 40%.