Reflex releases driller-operated gamma logger

Reflex, part of Australian group Imdex, has announced the launch of its new natural gamma-logging device - the Reflex EZ-GAMMA.

Reflex releases driller-operated gamma logger

According to Reflex, the driller-operable device, which is an industry first for the company, can offer time and cost savings without the need for a trained technician on-site.

Reflex also stated that resource companies, wincing from the historically high cost of obtaining natural gamma data, now have the opportunity to access gamma logging at minimal additional cost with the further benefit of real-time access to accurate logging data through the secure, cloud-based Reflex HUB.

Dave Lawie, global product manager for geosciences, commented: "Multiple field trials recently completed with industry partners, from the Pilbara to the Goldfields, have proved the time efficiencies we've aimed for with the Reflex EZ-GAMMA.

"Results have been available for the customer within minutes of completing the survey, rather than the two day norm; these efficiencies being very attractive to any (resource) company in the current climate."

Where the cost of traditional gamma logging has been prohibitive for many geologists, according to Reflex, there is now a real opportunity to gain valuable insights as to the characterisation of rock, in the routine course of drilling, with access to accurate information from the EZ-GAMMA.

From an intuitive user interface with inbuilt checks and quality control, to real-time feedback on-site, the Reflex solution is easy to use, the company added. Immediate access to the data log ensures that logging has been completed and the data approved before the rods are pulled and the rig moves on.