Boart Longyear appoints Curtin professorial chair

Boart Longyear has appointed professor Anton Kepic as the Boart Longyear professorial chair at Curtin University, based in Western Australia.

Boart Longyear appoints Curtin professorial chair

The US$1.4 million investment to the university will support high-profile research in exploration geophysics, including the development of advanced instrumentation and the expansion of research capabilities in instrumentation and logging-while-drilling (LWD) technology, the companys said.

Kent Hoots, senior vice-president for global products, commented: "Even in the current down cycle, we recognise the need for research that will advance the long-term knowledge and capabilities of our industry.

"Our goal is to invest further in geological data services (GDS) to make geologists, drillers and students smarter. By doing so, they will be able to better analyse drilling data to improve efficiency and reduce costs. We look forward to working with Curtin University, which has an excellent record in exploration geophysics research, and we congratulate Professor Kepic on his appointment."

Kepic has been a member of Curtin University's Western Australian Department of Exploration Geophysics for 15 years. He has held a long line of research leadership positions at the university, including head of exploration geophysics, director of the Centre for High Definition Geophysics, programme and project leader in the Deep Exploration Technologies Cooperative Research Center (DET CRC) and project leader in the Cooperative Research Center for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC).