Rosond celebrates Women's Day as it continues to champion diversity

Drilling technology solutions provider Rosond of Midrand, South Africa, takes pride in contributing towards the upliftment of women in the engineering industry.

 Prudence Mathebula, Nomagugu Sithole and Phindile Nokwe share their work life experiences as part of Rosond’s celebrations of International Women’s Day

Prudence Mathebula, Nomagugu Sithole and Phindile Nokwe share their work life experiences as part of Rosond’s celebrations of International Women’s Day

In celebration of Women's Day on August 9, the company profiles three of its female employees who demonstrate its inclusivity and diversity: Prudence Mathebula is a welder, Nomagugu Sithole is a forklift driver, and Phindile Nokwe is a learner diesel mechanic.

Furthermore, the women detail what keeps them motivated and the aspects of their jobs they find fulfilling; providing insights into how their roles differ, while also giving valuable advice to women who would like to follow in their footsteps.

Mathebula recalled how her entry into the industry was sparked by her observation that there are not many women in welding, which motivated her to pursue a career in this field. In addition, she wanted to improve her quality of life and gain a valuable new skillset.

Women in welding

"Welding is fulfilling and challenges me," she said. Simple straightforward welding jobs include piping and flat bars. However, it is when she must get under machines and trucks to effect welding repairs that Mathebula loves her job the most. Plus, it ensures she gets her daily exercise. This is markedly different to tabletop welding, which is much more controlled, she added.

Her tip for women who would like to pursue a career in welding is simply that there are no longer jobs specifically reserved for men. Welding is the same as any other job and can be pursued by all. "All you have to do is be determined and dedicated, tell yourself this is something you can do, and then do it," Mathebula said.

Grasping opportunities

Sithole remembered being interested in an industrial career from a young age and wanting to be employed by a respected company such as Rosond. "It was difficult to find my feet at first. When I entered the industry, I saw big forklifts and I was not experienced enough to operate them. However, I told myself that because the company offered me the opportunity, I should use it wisely."

She loves her job and believes it is a good fit for her. Sithole highlighted how she has learnt to use tools and equipment properly, as well as how to improve safety and production standards in her work environment.


When she started out at Rosond, Sithole knew the job would not be easy. However, she was determined to not let her fear get the better of her. Instead, she worked diligently at every task she was given and used it as a learning experience to gain even more confidence. "To other women, I say upskill yourselves and always look for different learning opportunities."

Describing herself as a highly observant person, Nokwe said her inquisitive nature has always resulted in her wanting to know more about how the world works, especially equipment and machinery. Facing new challenges head-on and solving problems, her new role has satisfied her own innate curiosity and presented opportunities for her to acquire new skills, an aspect of her job she loves.

"What I would say to other women is reach for your dreams. Pursue your passion and go the extra mile. You must break the boundaries and the perception that industries such as mining and engineering are only for men. We must show the world that women can also flourish here. As long as you set your mind to it, you can do it. It all starts with your mindset and believing in yourself," Nokwe concluded.

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