Sonic drilling: the exploration game changer

Sonic drilling is making subsurface exploration more productive and accurate

Terra Sonic International
Sonic drilling: the exploration game changer

Sonic drilling technology is rapidly improving the speed, efficiency, and safety of drilling projects all over the world. Drilling and continuous sampling through extremely difficult overburden, heap leach pads, waste rock, and tailings--once impractical or impossible with traditional drilling methods--now can be efficiently performed using sonic drilling and sampling technology.

Terra Sonic International and its proprietary TSi 150 Series sonic drill head deliver the highest levels of sonic drilling power, resulting in levels of productivity and accuracy never before seen in the drilling industry.

Decades of refinement by the world's leading sonic drilling experts have resulted in the ability to harness the power of sonic and put it to its most productive use ever. Sonic drilling is five to 10 times faster than conventional drilling methods in most overburden-like lithologies.

The speed and accuracy of sonic drilling deliver the productivity necessary to make correct mining decisions efficiently, which result in safe and profitable investment decisions.

Sonic drilling can be completed from any angle from vertical to horizontal, an important advantage in difficult overburden drilling sites where vertical drilling is not practical.

Sonic drilling technology can obtain a nearly continuous in-situ core sample that provides an excellent and accurate representation of the formation being evaluated.

In drilling applications such as alluvial and placer deposit mining, sonic drilling provides superior recoveries in soft material while also efficiently drilling through harder materials like interlayered weathered rock, cobbles, and boulders.

Large diameter sampling (up to 10in diameter) can also be performed to improve geo-statistical analysis accuracy.

Safety is an integral component of the overall cost of any drilling method. Sonic drilling addresses several key safety concerns including slips, trips, and falls, body strains and exposure to machinery or chemicals.


There are no auger flights, so there is minimal risk of entanglement with rotating equipment during drilling. Soil samples are contained inside the core barrel and vibrated into a sealed PVC sleeve that reduces or eliminates exposure to potentially hazardous substances. Sonic requires very little to no drilling fluids, which greatly reduces the waste volume, resulting in a cleaner and safer work area.

Terra Sonic International is the only sonic drill rig manufacturer in the world that is committed exclusively to sonic drilling technology—sonic rigs, sonic heads, and TSi tooling.  It's what we do, always have, always will.

Terra Sonic International

Terra Sonic is the only sonic drill rig manufacturer that is committed exclusively to sonic drilling—Sonic Rigs, Sonic Heads, and TSi Tooling. It’s what we do, always have, always will.