Comacchio continues the expansion of its MC rig line

During Bauma 2019 Comacchio took the opportunity to showcase it expanded MC range of micropiling/anchoring rigs for ground improvement and foundations.
Comacchio continues the expansion of its MC rig line Comacchio continues the expansion of its MC rig line Comacchio continues the expansion of its MC rig line Comacchio continues the expansion of its MC rig line Comacchio continues the expansion of its MC rig line

The new MC 3 was launched at Bauma 2019 by Comacchio

Duncan Moore


Duncan Moore

"With almost 40 models ranging from two to 40t, our MC line offers the industry's most comprehensive line up of drilling rigs that cover the entire range of ground engineering applications. For our stand at Bauma 2019 we selected several flagship models that gave an overview of the solutions we are able to offer and reflect the most recent developments in this segment," explained Flavio Durigan, Comacchio's sales manager.

The Comacchio stand at Bauma 2019 featured seven models of the MC line, ranging from small limited access machines with separate power pack to large heavy duty units in the 30t weight class.

"Along with some mainstay products such as the MC 4 D, MC 8 and MC 22, our guests at Bauma 2019 were able to see some recent additions to this line-up, such as the MC 9, MC 15 P, MC 28 HD, and witnessed the launch of the MC 3, a one-of-a-kind drill rig that is the latest addition to range of our limited access rigs," Durigan continued.

Comacchio MC 3

The MC 3 is an extremely compact and lightweight multipurpose drilling machine designed for easy mobilisation, operation in limited space and difficult access conditions, for example inside buildings, shafts, cellars and small tunnels. To allow this, the MC 3 is equipped with a variable width undercarriage that allows access through entrances as narrow as 900mm. The MC 3 can be used for many types of construction drilling operations such as micropiling, soil nailing, anchors, foundations, foundation repair and ground consolidation. The MC 3 features a patented mast articulation system that allows the mast to be positioned or inclined to meet project requirements without any fuss or re-pinning.

The patented articulation system has been developed to ensure a small footprint to operate in restricted or limited access job sites. The fully articulated mast system incorporates a 250mm mast crowd (zoom), the ability to drill at the front of the drill or hydraulically slew the mast to drill over the tracks (either side) and with a hydraulically operated slew ring the mast can rotate from vertical through 90 degrees to horizontal. Thanks to the modular mast construction the rig can be operated both in open-site and low-headroom conditions and offers a variety of feed lengths to handle various tooling types.

Equipped with an onboard, highly efficient power pack and advanced modular hydraulic circuits, the MC 3 can accommodate a wide range of rotary heads, hydraulic drifters and accessories, including hydraulic rod holder and combined rod breaker, flushing pumps and winches. It supports all kind of rotary and rotary-percussive drilling techniques. For safer and easier operation in limited access conditions, it is equipped with the Comacchio remote radio control system managing all functions, including drilling, tracking and set-up.

To meet new emission regulations and particle number emission limits, the MC 3 features Stage V technology (EPA Tier 4 Final) including DOC and DPF. The use of the most advanced engine design and post-treatment technology, combined with an intelligent electronically controlled heat dissipation system that adjusts the rotation speed of the cooling fan to the actual operating requirements of the rig, optimises performance while reducing environmental impact in terms of noise, emissions and fuel consumption.

In addition to the launch of the MC 3, Comacchio also put the spotlight on some new MC line models that have been introduced since Bauma 2016:

Comacchio MC 28 HD

The MC 28 HD is part of the extensive Comacchio line-up of fully articulated multipurpose rigs, featuring the Comacchio patented fully articulated mast design system and suitable for the full range of geotechnical applications.

 he  28  has been developed as the heavy duty version of the omacchio  28 The MC 28 HD has been developed as the heavy duty version of the Comacchio MC 28

Developed as the heavy duty version of the MC 28, the MC 28 HD is a very compact yet powerful drill rig in the 30t weight class. It is the ultimate solution to take heavy works such as large diameter drilling using double head systems. It incorporates a reinforced variable width undercarriage (2,500 - 3,400mm) to guarantee enhanced stability during operation. Thanks to the innovative mast articulation system, the rig can perform an infinite number of vertical through to horizontal mast positions for the construction of micropiles and anchors, including front-the-wall positions.

The rig was designed with much attention paid to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. The MC 28 HD displayed at Bauma was equipped with a 205 kW CAT engine complying with the most stringent environmental regulations (EU Stage IV - US Tier 4 Final). Thanks to the powerful motorisation, the MC 28 HD can be offered with a wide selection of rotary heads, hydraulic hammers, vibro heads, double head systems, water/mud pumps and winches. The MC 28 HD is suitable for any type of rotary and rotary-percussive drilling. The MC 28 HD on display in Munich featured a heavy duty Comacchio rotary head delivering up to 5500daNm torque.

The machine can be equipped with hydraulic proportional servo-assisted controls or optional remote radio control system for easy and safe operation. Thanks to the innovative Comacchio radio control system, the MC 28 HD is completely radio-controlled: all the rig functions including tramming, positioning, drilling are easily managed from one console.

Comacchio MC 15 P

"One of the models that attracted the attention of drillers attending Bauma was the MC 15 P," says Durigan. "It was developed as the ‘heavy duty' version of one of the best sellers of the Comacchio range - the MC 15, a compact, high-performance and versatile drilling rig that can be used on many types of construction drilling applications. As compared to the MC 15, the MC 15 P offers increased performance due to the more powerful engine, thus putting it at the top of its weight category [the machine weighs from 16.5 to 18.5tons]."

The highly adaptable MC 15 P has a range of options to configure the drill to meet individual requirements, applications and tooling types. These include a variety of rotary, rotary percussion and double head drilling systems.

 he omacchio  15  drew the attention of drillers during auma The Comacchio MC 15 P and MC 9 drew the attention of drillers during Bauma

"Specific soil or groundwater conditions may require the use of double tube drilling systems that allow inner drill string and outer casing to rotate at different speeds or rotational direction simultaneously. The MC 15 P with its powerful engine is the ideal solution to meet these needs," explains Durigan. "It can be equipped with heavy-duty, double rotary head systems that have been developed by our technician for their compact size, reliability and excellent performance. The MC 15 P at Bauma 2019 featured a double head system that combines an RH10X upper head and a Comacchio lower rotary head offering 3200daNm torque. One of the advantages of this system is that it can easily be converted back to single head operation due to the modular interchangeable design. The patented casing extractor installed on the machine is also a valuable tool that we can offer to speed up the processes on site."

The optimal performance of the rig is ensured by its flexible modular hydraulic system, which allows the power to be used and managed according to the type of drilling operation, enhancing efficiency and increase productivity under actual operating conditions.

Comacchio MC 9

The MC 9 is part of the Comacchio line-up of so-called ‘long reach' drill rigs designed to handle restricted or difficult site locations. It is ideally suited for anchored retaining walls and slope stabilisation projects using both rotary and rotary-percussive drilling techniques, in particular for fast, single-step anchoring works using self-drilling hollow bar system.

The heart of the machine is its advanced mast articulation system, supporting an infinite number of mast inclinations and positions allowing for quick and precise positioning on the hole. The great variety of movements is made possible by the long reach, double boom, operated by hydraulic cylinders, and by the special mast rotation assembly that allows for a +/- 180° slew thanks to a double rotating system. Further flexibility is guaranteed by the base carrier: the variable width undercarriage translates into enhanced stability during operation and minimum dimensions to facilitate transport.

Much attention has been paid to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. The MC 9 is equipped with a 100kW Deutz TCD 3.6 L04 engine complying with the most stringent environmental regulations (EU Stage IV - US Tier 4 Final). The powerful motor allows the use of a wide range of rotary heads and hydraulic hammers, depending on applications and soil characteristics. The MC 9 in Munich featured an HD 2004 hydraulic drifter, providing 320Nm impact energy and 2,500 strokes/min frequency, particularly suitable for self-drilling hollow bar systems. However, the multipurpose design of the machine supports any type of conventional drilling using DTH.

Thanks to the Comacchio radio control system, the MC 9, like the rest of the MC range is completely radio-controlled.

Finally, in accordance with the Machinery Directive and the EN 16228 standards, the MC 9 is equipped with safety devices and signalling, including an interlocking safety guard in the mast. It can operate both in normal mode and in reduced o