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Geocontrole believes it has created the World’s first fully automated geotechnical rig, where the whole operation is executed without any contact with the drilling tools, including SPT and core sample removal. Credit Geocontrole

The World's first fully automated geotechnical drilling rig?

Fully automated geotechnical rig believed to be World's first launched by Geocontrole

19 July 2024

When the first Fraste workshop opened in 1964 the company was a pioneer of hydraulic systems on drilling rigs. Credit: Fraste

Fraste's 60th anniversary

Elena Fracca talks GDI through the 60-year history of Fraste and the evolution of its drill rigs

15 July 2024

The Epiroc FlexiROC D50 has increased Singleton Birch’s productivity significantly while also reducing fuel consumption. Credit: Epiroc

Singleton Birch choose Epiroc FlexiROC D50

Replacement for 16-year-old rig impresses at UK lime quarry with increased productivity

24 June 2024

The ability of the Comacchio GEO700A drill rig to handle coarse gravel layers proved invaluable on a geothermal installation job for Belgian specialist Smeyers. Credit: Smeyers

Italian rig achieves Belgian geothermal success

Smeyers made use of a Comacchio GEO700A drill rig to complete a challenging geothermal project

21 June 2024

Epiroc has announced significant upgrades to its DM30 XC blasthole drill rig. Credit: Epiroc

Epiroc unveils major upgrades to DM30 XC Blasthole drill rig

Epiroc says DM30 XC blasthole drill rig upgrades are "a bold step forward in drilling technology"

03 June 2024

Comacchio is now making its GEO 405 rig available with a much more powerful 75kW Deutz engine Credit: Comacchio

Comacchio upgrades the GEO 405 rig

Latest generation of GEO 405 rig gets larger, more powerful Deutz engine

09 April 2024

The SmartROC C50 with a long-feed can carry a 7.3m starter rod and 6m rods in the carousel Credit: Epiroc

Epiroc releases a new long-feed version of the SmartROC C50

Maximum hole depth of 37m available with the latest version of Epiroc's SmartROC C50 rig

25 March 2024

 Comacchio debuted its new MC 14 GT rig, which is part of the company’s line of multipurpose machines for geothermal drilling, during the recent GeoTherm event in Germany

Comacchio launches its new MC 14 GT geothermal rig

Comacchio increases compact multi-purpose rig range with launch of geothermal MC 14 GT rig

19 March 2024


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