drilling fluid

 An initial request to Drift Service for fluids and powders quickly evolved into a comprehensive consultation project at a mine site in Scandinavia

Consultation leads to a successful investigation

How a request for fluids quickly evolved into a comprehensive consultation project at a mine site

04 September 2023

 Efficient drilling is reliant on the correct choice of drilling fluid being used

Know your mud: understanding the properties of drilling fluids

Understanding the properties of drilling fluids will ensure maximum drilling efficiency

21 June 2023

 American Augers has enhanced its M300DH fluid cleaning system to improve functionality and operator accessibility and comfort

American Augers updates the M300DH

GDI gets the inside line on the updates to American Augers M300DH fluid cleaning system

31 May 2023

 OSSO offers a variety of option for cooling drilling fluid when it is used at deep geothermal project sites

Heating up Europe's geothermal industry

Examining why mud cooling is critical to any commercially successful geothermal project

25 May 2023

 American Augers’ M300DH drilling fluid cleaning system is the first of the company’s machines to feature the upgraded Hyperpool shaker from Derrick

Three benefits of using a fluid cleaning system on the HDD jobsite

The benefits of using a fluid cleaning system on horizontal directional drilling jobsites

13 January 2023

 Researchers at Curtin University have developed new technology for the rapid cleaning and re-use of drilling fluids

New drilling fluid technology to advance mineral exploration

Australian university researchers have developed hydrocarbon-free drilling fluids

07 July 2022

 Elgin’s KEMTRON 600MX mud recycling system offers operators increased performance when managing fluids with high solids content

A smarter approach to solids control equipment

How to select the best equipment to deal with the removal of solids from drilling fluid

02 June 2022

 The way in which the mud on large-diameter HDD projects is managed varies from project to project

How to deal with drilling fluid on large diameter HDD projects

The use of vacs and reclaimers for drilling fluids on HDD projects where space is limited

30 March 2022


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