Keller acquires piling specialist

KFS, the joint venture company between Keller and Kreate in Finland, has acquired the drilled piling specialist Sotkamon Porapaalu.

Keller acquires piling specialist

According to Keller, over the last twenty years, Sotkamon Porapaalu has built an enviable track record in piling, especially in large-diameter down-the-hole hammer drilling, building a reputation for high-quality and reliable execution. The company has been particularly active in developing innovative drilling methods and has several associated patents.

KFS has been growing steadily over the last five years and is now a recognised force in geotechnical contracting in the Nordic region, Keller added.

Teuvo Kulmala, managing director of KFS, commented: "Integrating Sotkamon in our business will enable us to offer a broader range of solutions to our customers.

"With our design input and the financial strength of our shareholders, it means we can, more than ever, meet the demands of the largest and most technically complex projects."