ARANZ Geo rebrands as Seequent

ARANZ Geo is changing its name to Seequent, reflecting the company’s expansion into a broader range of global industries and markets
ARANZ Geo rebrands as Seequent ARANZ Geo rebrands as Seequent ARANZ Geo rebrands as Seequent ARANZ Geo rebrands as Seequent ARANZ Geo rebrands as Seequent

ARANZ Geo, now known as Seequent, first introduced its Leapfrog 3D geological modelling software to the mining and minerals industry over 10 years ago. The company has since developed solutions for a wide range of industries, including geothermal and renewable energy, civil engineering, and environmental management.

Seequent chief executive Shaun Maloney said the new brand reflects the company's evolving purpose and vision for the future.

The announcement was made at the company's Lyceum innovation event in London, the first in a global roadshow series also visiting Vancouver, Johannesburg, Toronto, Santiago and Perth.                                                            

Maloney added: "We're building a brand that people can trust, that goes beyond geology and the tech industry. The business and industry issues we collectively face are broad and increasingly complex. Challenges include how we steward scarce resources, economic stability, securing a long-term social license to operate, and the economic viability of individual businesses.

"The best way we can support our customers, irrespective of industry, is to continue to invest heavily in R&D, developing innovative solutions. These enable better decisions through confidence, integration and engagement."

Seequent stated that it is contributing to the modelling, understanding and management of geological risk for some of the biggest earth, environment and energy projects on the planet.

"Our customers use our technology in mining and minerals projects from Australia to South Africa to Canada; geothermal projects in countries as diverse as Chile, the Philippines, New Zealand and Brazil; hydro dam construction in Turkey; transport infrastructure in the UK, Austria and Slovenia; earthquake sequencing in Italy and the US; groundwater projects in Chad, Australia and the US. Our software is even being used in the construction of a final disposal facility for spent nuclear fuel in Finland," Maloney listed.

Seequent's growing global footprint includes offices in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Peru, Russia, South Africa and the UK.


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