The new DAT TinyLog

Introduced at the Bauma, the new datalogger from DAT instruments is now in production. Named DAT TinyLog, following a survey on social media platforms and during Bauma, it features a 12in coloured, touch screen in a package that is 35cm wide, 25cm high and less than 6cm thick.

 The DAT TinyLog has been created in response to specific market demands

The DAT TinyLog has been created in response to specific market demands

Developed from the top range DAT WideLog, this new instrument has been created in response to specific market demands. It offers high performance, maximum functionality and connectivity together with small dimensions.

"From DAT WideLog," said Amedeo Valoroso, CEO of DAT instruments, "the DAT TinyLog has inherited all main technical characteristics. DAT TinyLog monitor is a 12in coloured touch screen, which displays, in a detailed way, a huge quantity of graphics, numerical values and gauges and everything needed by the operator to drill or inject in the most precise way.

"Obviously, this is a touch screen deployed for field use, so it is very resistant and can be used even when wearing gloves. At the same time, the high-definition monitor lets the operator view large amounts of data at the same time: gauges and graphics with max, min and average values together with pre-established value."

The new DAT TinyLog has a solid-state internal memory which can record large quantities of data, is stronger and able to avoid damage. This datalogger is made of stainless steel and aluminium in order to be as resistant to damage as possible. In addition, DAT TinyLog can work even in brackish weather, extremely high or low temperatures, sand, water and in the most different climate and working conditions. DAT TinyLog is also waterproof, thanks to appropriate seals and IP68 connectors. The system can be also remotely programmed and can be supported through remote-assistance / e-care by DAT instruments technicians for set up, maintenance or creation of new customised functions.

The new DAT TinyLog is a champion of versatility. As it is possible to connect any kind of sensor, this new datalogger can be used in any drilling sector such as:

  • Drilling, cement injection, geognostic survey, DAC test
  • Jet grouting
  • Grouting, TAM, GIN
  • Low-pressure cement injection, compensation grouting
  • Deep mixing, soil mixing, DSM
  • Vibroflotation, vibrocompaction, sand compaction piles
  • CFA
  • Diaphragm walls, hydromills
  • Water tests, Lugeon test.

Data can be downloaded via a USB pen-drive or uploaded to the Internet. The DAT TinyLog is equipped with an Ethernet port and Wi-Fi antenna for Internet connection. Moreover, it is also possible to install a 3G-4G modem. During the operating phase, data are transferred to every single hole, and they are available in the office in real time. They can be displayed on all kinds of device: PC, smartphones or tablets; all files are compatible with Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice Calc.

"The new DAT TinyLog," added Valoroso, "is perfect for the most innovative markets but able to work even in the most common fields. The price of this datalogger is between the top of the range DAT WideLog and the cheaper JET DSP 100, JET SDP and JET 4000 AME."